Hardware for Indoor Positioning

Although indoor positioning is mostly characterized by software, several hardware components are necessary for project realization. We will be presenting the most important hardware types that are used for each positioning method.

Indoor Tracking with infsoft Locator Nodes

Locator Nodes

infsoft Locator Nodes are a special hardware for analysis and tracking. They enable the localization (server-based) of all mobile devices (i.e. smartphones), WiFi-enabled devices and Bluetooth beacons (attached to people/goods) inside a building without an app, with an accuracy under 5 meters.

Indoor Tracking with infsoft Locator Tags

Locator Tags

infsoft Locator Tags are small WiFi and BLE tags which enable capturing and tracking objects and people indoors. They work with server-based installations. In contrast to Locator Nodes, Locator Tags are primarily developed for large areas where only a few objects should be captured.

Indoor Positioning with Ultra-wideband


Indoor tracking in industrial environments often requires very precise localization. For this purpose we offer solutions based on the short-range radio technology Ultra-wideband (UWB). It does not work with consumer standards such as WiFi and BLE but offers an accuracy of less than 30 cm.

Indoor Positioning with Beacons


Indoor navigation with Bluetooth beacons (iBeacons/Eddystone) offers major advantages. The positions of persons, objects and end user devices within a building can be determined in combination with the solutions from infsoft – cross-platform and with accuracy up to 1 meter.

Indoor Positioning with WiFi


Indoor positioning via WiFi can make the best use of existing infrastructure. Accuracy is 5-15 meters. Due to restrictions by Apple, Apple devices are excluded from client-based indoor positioning using WiFi. The technology can still make sense for many use cases and should be considered.