Indoor Tracking with infsoft Locator Nodes

infsoft Locator Nodes are a special hardware, equipped with firmware by infsoft. They enable capturing and tracking (server based) of all mobile devices (i.e. smartphones), WiFi enabled devices and Bluetooth beacons (attached to people/goods) inside a building without requiring an app. This is the USP of this technology. It works across all mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.) and detects positions with an accuracy of less than 5 meters. infsoft Locator Nodes are especially suitable for asset tracking and analyzing walking routes.

Indoor Positioning with infsoft Locator Nodes

infsoft Locator Nodes can be both a receiver as well as a transmitter. The Locator Node acts as a receiver of beacon signals, for example, for a server-based installation to enable the tracking of persons and objects. infsoft Locator Nodes also work in parallel as a transmitter so that they take on the role of a beacon, e.g. for client-based positioning. If indoor navigation also needs to be implemented along with analysis and tracking, any existing infsoft Locator Nodes can replace some of the beacons.

Functionality of infsoft Locator Nodes with WiFi/BLE Modules

infsoft Locator Nodes functionality

These small receivers connect with each other through a mesh network and only need a power supply. One of the devices is connected to the Internet by Ethernet, WiFi or UMTS. The received data is transmitted to the infsoft backend where it is further processed in order to use it, i.e. for infsoft Indoor Analytics. This platform monitors movement profiles and positions in a clearly arranged interface. For the sheer server-based positioning, no special app is required. Further requirements such as a feedback channel make an app necessary. This enables features such as showing a user’s position on a map or sending him/her push notifications. More information about client based and server based positioning.

Functionality of infsoft Locator Nodes with Ultra-wideband Module

infsoft Locator Nodes with UWB Module
infsoft Locator Tags are designed to fit our client's specific needs. This is why they can be equipped with various modules. So they can be used in a very flexible way and can be changed according to current requirements. Besides BLE and WiFi, Ultra-wideband is one possible module. UWB enables asset tracking in industrial environments with an accuracy of 10-30 cm.

The system is set up server based (visualization of positioning data in the backend, no display on a client (smartphone)).

Data Protection

The topic of data protection plays a major role in systems used for analysis. The protection of customer data is especially important when you are dealing with the recording of movement profiles in public spaces. On the one hand, there are measures on the device-side such as MAC randomization (regular changing of the MAC address) in iOS. On other hand, infsoft Locator Nodes use a hash algorithm (SHA-1) so that MAC addresses of all device classes are reused in the systems as anonymous device IDs in an irreversible process. A return to the original MAC address of the device is thus no longer possible.

Technical Features of infsoft Locator Nodes

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 117mm x 73mm x 24mm
  • 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz, 150MB/s max. data rate, 21dB output capacity
  • CPU – AR9331, 400MHz speed
  • Internal and external USB2.0 connections
  • miniUSB connection (terminal, 5V power)
  • RJ45 connection (Ethernet, PoE)

infsoft Locator Node Firmware

  • Maximal detection rate of mobile devices through hardware-dependent analysis in the OSI Layer 2
  • Maximal detection of active devices via all radio channels by channel hopping
  • Optimal filter options for relevant device types through detection of the telegram types in the lowest communication layers

Use Cases for infsoft Locator Nodes

infsoft Locator Nodes enable some exciting use cases in many different industries. Here are some examples:

  • Evacuating employees: ISO cards are equipped with a tiny beacon. This way, the position of employees can be determined and the person can be rescued if he or she hasn’t left the building yet.
  • Theft protection: Beacons are attached to mobile goods, artworks, expensive equipment or pallets. When the beacon leaves a certain area (geofencing), an alarm is triggered or security receives a notification.
  • Analysis of visitor flows: Movement profiles can be analyzed anonymously at public places such as trade fairs, railway stations, airports, malls or museums. Frequency measurements provide information about how many people have entered an area within a certain time.
  • Locating visitors/patients: It can be a special service for parents to locate their children in shopping malls and leisure parks if they lose sight of them in the crowd. In hospitals it might be useful to monitor patients who require extra care.
  • Facility management at airports: It is possible to automatically initiate extra cleaning for areas which are frequented more than usual – based on the analysis of visitor flows. Baggage trolleys can be equipped with a beacon and thus be located in the area.
  • Locating work equipment: Expensive work equipment such as mobile medical devices can be located with the help of beacons.
  • Virtual waiting room: Triage nurses equip patients with beacons (e.g. wristbands) and are thus able to plan more efficiently.
  • Employee tracking: At large exhibition stands and in confusing company buildings the position of employees can be detected.


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