infsoft Locator Beacons

Integrating infsoft Locator Beacons into your RTLS infrastructure enables easy monitoring of your beacons' location and can significantly reduce hardware effort and cost for your beacon-based tracking system.

infsoft Locator Beacons are fixed, battery-powered hardware components that can be easily integrated into a network infrastructure consisting of infsoft Locator Nodes and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons. Long battery life and low installation and maintenance requirements make them an ideal solution for various object tracking applications. Due to small latencies, areas monitored by Locator Beacons are subject to time-delayed tracking, making the application particularly suitable for large building structures (e.g. hospitals, offices) where real-time localization is not required in all areas. In important zones, live tracking is realized thanks to infsoft Locator Nodes that are deployed there.

In addition to asset tracking, infsoft Locator Beacons can also serve as a beacon infrastructure for indoor navigation and location-based services.

Functionality of infsoft Locator Beacons

server-based positioning using infsoft Locator Beacons

A set of fixed Bluetooth Low Energy receivers (infsoft Locator Beacons) are deployed in the area to be monitored. The radio-based Locator Beacons are programmed to detect Bluetooth signals at regular intervals (e.g. every 2 minutes), which are transmitted by nearby, mobile Bluetooth Low Energy asset tags (beacons). The Locator Beacons report this information to infsoft Locator Nodes in proximity. The Locator Node's Wi-Fi or Ethernet is used to transmit the collected data to the infsoft LocAware platform®, where the information is intelligently processed and made available to the infsoft backend tools (e.g. infsoft Tracking, infsoft Analytics). The use of infsoft Locator Beacons reduces the number of infsoft Locator Nodes needed to be installed and thus the wiring effort.

Used simultaneously for client-based applications, infsoft Locator Beacons broadcast Bluetooth signals that are detected by mobile devices (e.g. smartphones) and are used for positioning based on a signal strength measurement.

Technical Features of the infsoft Locator Beacon

  • 72 x 72 x18mm
  • Weight:
  • 142g (including 4 replaceable batteries)
  • Sensors:
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), 2.4 GHz
  • Power supply:
  • battery-powered, battery lifetime of up to 10 years
  • Enclosure:
  • IP67 waterproof enclosure
  • Installation:
  • mounted on ceiling (magnetic mount including 2 boreholes, sold seperately)
  • Price:
  • unit price 20 €, mount 8.20 €

Use Cases for infsoft Locator Beacons

The use of infsoft Locator Beacons proves beneficial for numerous applications. Here are some examples:

infsoft Locator Beacons can detect the presence of valueable objects (hospital beds, wheelchairs, etc.) in patient rooms, contributing to efficient asset management and increased patient safety. At the same time, indoor navigation can provide mobile services for patients, visitors and staff.

Software solution used: Indoor Tracking
Sensors used: Bluetooth Low Energy (beacons)
Example of use: Indoor Navigation and Asset Tracking in Hospitals

In corporate buildings, the use of infsoft Locator Beacons can result in reduced search times for assets and a minimized risk of loss and theft.

Software solution used: Indoor Tracking
Sensors used: Bluetooth Low Energy (beacons)

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