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Tobias Donaubauer CEO infsoft
Tobias Donaubauer
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Rudolf Donaubauer CEO infsoft
Rudolf Donaubauer
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Thomas Winkler COO infsoft
Thomas Winkler
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Katja Streich Teamlead Marketing infsoft
Katja Streich
Teamlead Marketing
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infsoft GmbH is located in Großmehring near Ingolstadt (Germany). It has been offering solutions in the area of indoor navigation, indoor analytics, indoor tracking and location-based services since 2005. Besides the development of all-in-one solutions for major clients, infsoft offers scalable Software Development Kits (SDK), which lets developers integrate our key technologies into third party applications. Frankfurt Airport, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), Siemens and Roche are among our long-standing clients. Indoor positioning systems allow a better orientation in complex buildings and enable new applications in the field of location-based services and -marketing. infsoft created the "smart connected locations" approach; all backend tools and gained data are connected and interchanged in the infsoft LocAware platform® in order to create added value – going beyond the blue dot in a map.

infsoft ISO 9001 Zertifizierung

infsoft is ISO 9001 certified for its quality management system

Our quality management includes all organizational measures that serve to improve process quality, our services and our products. The ISO 9001:2015 standard ensures that we consistently provide services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Company History

  • Release of industry-specific white paper on indoor positioning in offices and smart buildings. Download here.
  • Introduction of new Locator Beacon hardware products: infsoft Locator Beacon Road Stud and infsoft Locator Beacon Smart Plug.
  • Introduction of infsoft Locator Beacons for indoor navigation, time-delayed tracking of BLE asset tags and reduced hardware effort and cost.
  • Functional and visual redesign of the infsoft LocAware platform®.
  • Introduction of infsoft Locator Nodes 1400, BLE and Wi-Fi receiver components with Bluetooth 5 and BLE gateway function.
  • Expansion of the infsoft portfolio through the addition of out-of-the-box solutions with powerful and advanced features: Get to know our products.
  • Completion of new office building construction. Move into new headquarters (November 2020). To the press release
  • Introduction of infsoft E-Ink Display Beacons for flexible transfer of content as well as asset visualization and tracking.
  • Official certification to EN ISO 9001:2015. The standard specifies requirements for a quality management system that is designed to ensure that we meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while fulfilling statutory requirements.
  • Realization of an infsoft corporate film, which gives a lively insight into our work and our plans for the future. To the corporate film
  • Start of construction work on a new office building to provide space for more employees. Construction is expected to be completed in 2020.
  • Relaunch of our corporate website – redesigned with a fresh look and updated content.
  • infsoft interconnects its tools and data in an overlapping platform. To the press release about the new LocAware platform®.
  • Further intensification of the smart connected locations approach including the connection and enrichment of location based data. To the blog post.
  • Relaunch of all backend tools as regards content and visual appearance.
  • Implementation of the close range radio technology Ultra-wideband for precise indoor positioning in industrial environments.
  • Development of infsoft Locator Tags for tracking and analyzing objects and people (analysis and server-based positioning of all devices in large areas using beacons).
  • Launch of the info portal and relaunch
  • infsoft receives the label "Innovativ durch Forschung" ("Innovative through research") from the German Stifterverband.
  • infsoft celebrates its 10th anniversary.
  • Release of SBB "My Station" App 2.0 with new "Meet my friends" function.
  • "Interactive Airport Desk" at Frankfurt Airport.
  • Release of FRA App 2.4 with integrated sign translator.
  • Intensification of online marketing by hiring another full time employee.
  • „Best Use Case 2015“ winner of InLocation Alliance for Vodafone “Campus Düsseldorf”.
  • Release of "My Station" app for SBB (Swiss Federal Railways). Read the success story.
  • Move to a new company building.
  • Partnership with Stephen Randall (Symbian), in order to expand on the US market.
  • Release of FRA App 2.0 featuring turn-by-turn-navigation.
  • Partnership with ESRI Inc.
  • The developer portal offers SDKs and support for developers.
  • Beginning of using beacons.
  • Function extension by self-developed Locator Nodes (allows analysis and server-based positioning of all devices, no app required).
  • Connection of all backend solutions under the working title „Smart Connected Locations“. The aim is to create a platform connecting dynamic data from several sources.
  • PASS project with partners Lufthansa AG, RMV, Fraport AG, Hannover Airport, DER Touristik.
  • Foundation of a sales office in Dubai.
  • Development of the FRA App for Frankfurt Airport (iOS and Android). Read the success story.
  • Start of trade fair app expoNAVIGATION for Meplan GmbH, a subsidiary of Messe München International.
  • Winner of the innovation contest "365 Orte im Land der Ideen".
  • Winner of WECONOMY start-up contest.
  • „Lufthansa Navigator“, positioning and navigation via iPhone at the Frankfurt Airport for Lufthansa AG.
  • Two-year consolidation phase: development of the core components and a solid backend structure.
  • Positioning based on Wi-Fi.
  • Initial solutions for PDAs (Windows Mobile).
  • Project: visitor guide through Daimler AG’s plant in Sindelfingen.
  • Tobias Donaubauer studies computer science and mathematics at the University of Würzburg. He works on a student research project from which a terminal solution for the university hospital of Würzburg arises. It improves orientation on the campus for visitors and patients.
  • He refines the software and together with his father Rudolf Donaubauer founds the company “infsoft GmbH“ in Großmehring near Ingolstadt.


Digital recording of interior spaces serves multiple customer requirements, such as easy orientation, efficient management of buildings, and connection of digitized processes and information with building structures, interior attributes and building facilities. The web-based infsoft Maps Editor offers an easy way to capture even large, complex indoor environments. Details

Indoor navigation and indoor positioning can be realized easily with infsoft technology. The combination of various sensors allows accuracy of one meter (approx. three feet). insoft uses smartphone sensors (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM, 3G/4G (LTE), magnetic fields, compass, air pressure, barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope) and combines them with external sensor data from Wi-Fi access points, Beacons, Locator Nodes or VLC (Visual Light Communication). Details

With infsoft Indoor Analytics it is possible to monitor mobile devices in real time. Get useful information about visitor flows, behavior and interests of your visitors – including a heat map visualisation. The solution offers great opportunities for airports, retail, trade fairs, railway stations and many more. Details

Indoor tracking includes tracking people and goods, which can be products, pallets, tools or vehicles. Tracking can be realised with various signal generators such as Bluetooth Beacons. Target markets are among others: the security sector, industrial areas, offices, trade fairs and transport. Details

infsoft’s solution portfolio also covers services that refer to the user's or asset's current position. For example, users can be given information about POIs around them or can receive coupons of shops nearby. Geofencing and process automation can also be realized. Details