fraport interactive airport desk

Passengers at the Frankfurt Airport have been using the “Interactive Airport Desk” (“I-AID”) for information since September 21st. The software for the large touchscreen comes from the company infsoft from Großmehring near Ingolstadt, which specializes in indoor navigation and indoor services.


The application is based on an interactive map that provides users with flight information, digital directions, details about shopping, gastronomy and services, as well as real time information about current wait times. In addition, I-AID also has a scanning function for boarding cards – travelers are provided with immediate, detailed, step-by-step directions to the correct gate. Level changes, elevators and escalations are also taken into account. An upgrade phase is also being planned for this year. After which, search results will be able to be transmitted via a QR code to the traveler’s smartphone or table PC for mobile navigation. Currently the software is fluent in German, English and Mandarin, four additional languages are in development.


The software is based on an existing, digital 2D/3D map that infsoft has already created for the Frankfurt Airport app. Over one million square meters, approx. 1000 points of interest and approx. 30 kilometers of routes were digitally recorded. The map was fundamentally revamped and adapted to the new application. Fraport AG has been an infsoft customer since 2010. A new version of the app should be available later this year.


The Interactive Airport Desk is part of the digitalization strategy of Fraport AG. The goal of which is to provide customized services and information along the travel process chain. By the middle of next year, the Frankfurt Airport will be a pioneer in the integration of online shops and physical stores. After a trial phase, a double-digit number of additional touchscreens will be installed at central locations. Fraport AG is investing six-figures in the new technology. Download more pictures & the text (in German) here. Reprint free of charge, please indicate the image source: infsoft GmbH (screenshots), Fraport AG (images of I-AID).