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The infsoft developer hub gives developers access to the full range of functions of the infsoft LocAware platform®. The hub provides API explorer capabilities, code samples and comprehensive guides and documentation to help start working with the infsoft LocAware platform® as quickly as possible. New use cases, their implementation and new functions are constantly being added.


The documentation for the infsoft APIs and SDKs is easily accessible and searchable. The documents listed in the left navigation show how apps can be created using APIs in the Android and iOS framework and other libraries. In addition, it is possible to report errors and suggest edits.

infsoft Developer Hub: Documentation


The references contain a set of guidelines and best practices created for the infsoft developer community. Developers are granted access to APIs for the various infsoft tools, including Analytics, Automation Engine, Tracking, Beacon Management, Maps Editor, Calibration and many more.

infsoft Developer Hub: Reference

Development Use Case

In this section, developers will find exemplary implementations for some exciting use cases including information and code snippets that make working with the infsoft LocAware platform® easier for them. New development use cases are constantly being added.

infsoft Developer Hub: Development Use Case

infsoft Developer Hub

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