infsoft Software Tools for Indoor Navigation, Analytics, Tracking & More

As a central data hub, the infsoft LocAware platform® represents the center piece of the infsoft tools. LocAware® stands for "Location Awareness": infsoft's solutions are based on geodata, which are connected and intelligently processed in the platform.

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All tools are bundled in the LocAware platform® and are accessible with single sign-on. The web-based tools enable you to manage your location, define pathways, calibrate positioning, manage devices, beacons and Locator Nodes, analyze motion data and integrate geofences. In addition to a user-friendly interface, the underlying scripting engine offers a high degree of flexibility and comfort for the adjustment to the individual application.

infsoft's technology is also available as plugins for integration into third party apps. The SDK (Software Development Kit) is currently available for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems and as an HTML5 plugin. Furthermore, REST/SOAP interfaces (web services) are provided to connect additional systems and applications.

infsoft Setup tools


The infsoft Setup tools contain all functions that are necessary for setting up an indoor positioning system.

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infsoft Administration tools


The infsoft Administration tools offer useful functions for the management of the implemented indoor localization system.

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infsoft Processing & Output tools

Processing & Output

The infsoft Processing and Output tools enable intelligent use and evaluation of the collected data.

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infsoft Developers & integration

Developers & Integration

infsoft technology is also available as a plug-in for integration into third-party apps. The infsoft Developer Hub provides API explorer functionality.

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