infsoft Beacon Management

infsoft Beacon Management

The infsoft Beacon Management tool simplifies the administration of the beacons within your location. You can maintain and register beacons, check their position within the map and monitor the battery status including historical data such as downtimes.

infsoft Beacon Management at a glance:

infsoft Beacon Management: Planning of Beacons

Planning of Beacons

With infsoft Beacon Management, Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons can be planned within the building. Areas and corridors are taken into account, as well as the transmission power of the beacon, which has a direct effect on the density of the beacons. A link can be used to share planning with colleagues and project partners, who receive a direct overview of the number and installation points.

Overview of installed beacons

In close cooperation with the infsoft Calibration Tools, an overview of all detected beacons within the location is also available. The platform can be used to integrate new beacons and change the parameters of existing beacons. Interfaces to different vendors allow us to push firmware changes to beacons in combination with infsoft Locator Nodes or the infsoft SDKs.

infsoft Beacon Management: Overview of installed beacons
infsoft Beacon Management: monitoring and activity display

"Beacon Alive" – monitoring and activity display

The "Beacon Alive" function combines data from different sources such as infsoft Locator Nodes or client-side positioning. The battery status of a beacon, but also the time stamp of the last detection for an indoor navigation (crowdsourcing approach) can be displayed in a filterable list or directly in the map with a traffic light logic. The system offers the definition of automatic notifications when threshold values are exceeded.