infsoft Calibration Tools

infsoft Calibration Tools

Once the building plans have been created in the Maps Editor, the indoor positioning system can be calibrated. The infsoft Calibration Tools help to set up the client-based indoor positioning based on Wi-Fi, beacons and sensor fusion. They are also used for the calibration of infsoft Locator Nodes. The Calibration Tools have the following functions: creating calibration routes, managing beacon proximity UUIDs, visualizing detected signal transmitters, checking heatmaps that represent the signal strength and filtering out access points or beacons that are not to be used for the project. The tools are linked to the infsoft Calibration Apps and exchange calibration information with them.

infsoft Calibration Tools at a glance:

infsoft Calibration Tools: Definition of calibration routes

Definition of calibration routes

The setup of the position determination (fingerprinting) is carried out by means of calibration routes, which are drawn in all areas relevant for the localization. The infsoft Calibration Tools exchange the stored routes with the linked infsoft Calibration App, which is required for the calibration procedure on site. Accordingly, an overview of the already recorded routes is always available in the infsoft Calibration Tools.

Proximity UUID management

To determine the position under iOS, the proximity UUIDs of the BLE beacons must be stored. The infsoft Calibration Tools allow for appropriate administration. The scan intervals can be adapted to the transmission frequency of the beacons used in each case.

infsoft Calibration Tools: Proximity UUID management
infsoft Calibration Tools: Evaluation of measurement signals

Evaluation of measurement signals

The infsoft Calibration Tools provide the user with a detailed overview of the acquired measurement signals on the basis of which any adjustments can be made. In addition to information on measuring points, signal levels and the georeferencing of the detected signal transmitters (shown on the map), exact route information for each calibration route can also be called up.

Filter options for signal transmitters

If individual Wi-Fi access points or BLE beacons are to be excluded from positioning, this can be configured via the infsoft Calibration Tools. This is especially important for mobile hotpsots etc. The filter options can be set via SSIDs or MAC addresses.

infsoft Calibration Tools: Filter options for signal transmitters