infsoft Calibration Tools

infsoft Calibration Tools

Once you have set up your floor plans with the infsoft Maps Editor, you can start the calibration process of the indoor positioning system. The infsoft Calibration Tools assist you with the setup of a client-based indoor positioning based on Wi-Fi, Beacons and sensor fusion and are also used for the calibration of the infsoft Locator Nodes. Within the Calibration Tools you can create calibration routes, manage Beacon proximity UUIDs, visualize the detected signalers, check heatmaps of signal strengths and filter access points or beacons that should not be used for the IPS. The tools are synced with the related infsoft Calibration Apps and are exchanging the calibration information.

infsoft Calibration Tools at a glance:

  • Setup for client-based IPS
  • Setup of IPS for tracking via infsoft Locator Nodes
  • Definition of calibration routes
  • Proximity UUID management
  • Visualization of detected signalers
  • Heatmap of signal strengths
  • Filter options

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