Software from infsoft

As a full service provider, infsoft offers a complete portfolio of services for indoor positioning projects. While our focus is on software development, we also provide our own hardware for server-based positioning and set up contact to beacon suppliers. Along with the complete handling of projects in large infrastructures, we also offer SDKs (Software Development Kits). These complete software modules are well suited for independent developers and agencies who want to implement our solutions for their customers.

infsoft tools for indoor positioning

infsoft Tools

infsoft tools provide you with all you need to complete your project. The different web-based types of software help you to set up and manage your own location yourself as well as maintain an overview of the complete process.

Indoor Navigation SDK by infsoft


infsoft's technology is also available as plugins for integration into third party apps. The SDK (Software Development Kit) is currently available for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems and as an HTML5 plugin. Try it for yourself!