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  • Fraport app by infsoft
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Indoor Navigation by infsoft

infsoft Indoor Positioning

infsoft Indoor Navigation enables better orientation in complex building structures. Using our technology, the position of a smartphone can be pinpointed to 1 meter (approx. 3 feet) accuracy without installing costly hardware. In the field of location-based marketing and of geo-based offers, this allows for new application scenarios. infsoft solutions are already being used successfully around the world at trade fairs, in airports, in hospitals, in office buildings and in shopping malls.

infsoft Indoor Navigation

All indoor navigation solutions by infsoft are distinguished by the fact that they use existing standards to determine the position of a mobile device. Thanks to the unique combination of Wi-Fi signals with the integrated sensor system, accuracy to within a few meters is made possible without expensive hardware. For positioning and indoor navigation inside enclosed buildings, another dimension – the various floors – must be taken in account in the interactive building maps. This not only shows the user where to change direction but also at which point to change floor, such as at stairs. Thanks to the unique indoor navigation and positioning system, infsoft is able to create a completely new augmented reality experience in enclosed buildings. Positioning other users or objects inside buildings can also be realized with infsoft solutions. infsoft – indoor navigation and positioning with high accuracy and without expensive hardware.

infsoft Plugin Architecture

A special feature of infsoft solutions is that they are available as a plugin for existing third party apps. This means that, thanks to an SDK for ANDROID and iOS, the technology can be quickly and easily integrated, similar to Google Maps. Existing maps can also be used. Likewise, proprietary interactive layers can be integrated. The position is returned in the form of virtual GPS coordinates and may therefore be used for other purposes. The plugin is divided into three libraries that can be independently acquired and used: 2D/3D building maps, indoor navigation and indoor positioning. Special web tools and apps to create building maps and calibrate positioning as well as navigation routes are available to developers. A prototype can be created with very little expenditure.

infsoft Indoor Location Analytics

With Indoor Location Analytics, infsoft delivers valuable insights into all the processes within a building. This means that many questions can be answered with the help of this technology: Which exhibitor has the most visitors? Which shop has the most customers in a shopping center? Which restaurant in an airport is most visited? Which mobile devices are primarily used by visitors? infsoft Indoor Location Analytics does not just help to optimize the efficiency of facilities, but can also make a valuable contribution to safety. At what time of day are the most people in the building? How many people are in a museum at the moment? Where are the safety and rescue service people right now? Are too many visitors currently posing a danger? Indoor Location Analytics also works on ANDROID devices independent of a special infrastructure. Across platforms, a Cisco infrastructure or infsoft's own indoor infrastructure is used.

infsoft Indoor GPS Hardware

The first feature to mention is that the indoor positioning and indoor navigation systems from infsoft work WITHOUT any special infrastructure. infsoft has developed their own indoor infrastructure to optimize positioning across platforms and to get the most out of indoor analytics. This inexpensive hardware, consisting of locators and servers, permanently collects data in the building. The locators only need a power supply for a connection – the locators connect wirelessly and thus form a network with each other. The obtained data are evaluated on the server and made available to the infsoft solutions. This means that positioning is possible for iOS devices in particular inside an enclosed building. In addition, an API is available for third party solutions.

infsoft Indoor Solutions - Used Around the World

The third largest airport in Europe, Frankfurt Airport, is trusting to infsoft's years of experience in the implementation of its mobile apps. With over 100,000 downloads, the app is among the most successful in the German travel sector. In addition to current flight information, passengers appreciate the helpful indoor navigation and positioning in particular, as well as the interactive building maps for better orientation. Beside to the travel sector, where Deutsche Bahn is also one of our customers, the intuitive infsoft solutions are being met with international approval, especially at trade fairs. As well as the Messe München International, which uses infsoft Indoor Navigation and building maps for almost all its events, the app can also be found every year at the GITEX in Dubai, amongst others. infsoft recently gained a strategic partner in Vodafone, who wants to make the unique indoor navigation and positioning solutions available to its business customers worldwide. An in-house solution was created as the first project in this collaboration, which, in addition to better orientation, also enables automatic room booking in the new headquarters in Germany.

Indoor Positioning - a technical challenge

GPS does not work inside enclosed buildings, as this technology requires a direct line of sight to the satellites. The use of other technologies, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, is required as an alternative form of positioning. infsoft has developed a proprietary method that evaluates and combines the various sensors of a mobile device, meaning that you do not need to install special hardware. Not all platforms offer the option of indoor positioning on the device itself. Positions are determined using Cisco or the proprietary infsoft indoor infrastructure on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) from Apple, and transmitted to the device. This means that infsoft is one of the few providers who can offer indoor navigation and indoor positioning across platforms.