Automated Workflow Management in Offices

In offices, utilizing real-time data aids in completing tasks with speed and efficiency. Software tools enable to automatically assign tasks, streamlining workflow and accelerating task completion.


client-based solution:
  • 2D/3D building maps
  • task status and overview
  • indoor navigation to work location
server-based solution:
  • automatic creation and assignment of tasks based on skill set, location and availability


For companies, the maintenance and repair of equipment and washrooms has a significant influence on operating processes and represents a productivity factor that should not be underestimated. For an optimal workflow, for example, it is often essential to get documents to the right location at the right time. If printer malfunctions are not resolved in a timely manner, this can have an impact on both workforce productivity and operating costs.


Real-time data combined with location-based workflow management can be used to streamline work processes and improve operational efficiency. Maintenance or cleaning personnel can easily identify and undertake tasks that are close to their current positions. The solution ensures that work orders are assigned to the right person based on location, skills and availability, ensuring faster, more accurate task creation and completion.

If, for example, a malfunction occurs on a device, a repair order is automatically sent to a nearby available employee with the appropriate qualifications. This employee receives a location-based push notification showing the task details, can navigate to the work location and confirm the completion of the task in the app. Malfunctions can either be reported by an employee via app or automatically detected using suitable sensor technology (e.g. optical infrared sensor that measures the fill level of a soap dispenser).


isometric Workflow Management in Offices EN
3D Infographic: Automated Workflow Management in Offices

infsoft Locator Nodes are evenly spaced throughout the building. An app installed on the employees’ smartphones receives and interprets the Bluetooth signals of the Locator Nodes and uses them to calculate the current position of the device, which can be used for turn-by-turn navigation to assigned tasks. Once a task has been completed, this information can be stored in the app via a button. Transferring the employee location to the infsoft LocAware platform® enables the location-based assignment of tasks.

Through an interface to the infsoft Automation Engine, tasks in Workflow Management can be defined automatically, for example when a certain value/status is reported via app or registered using appropriate sensor technology. In the latter case, the data is transferred from the sensor device to the Locator Node and from there to the LocAware platform®. Tasks can be auto-assigned to employees based on their current location, real-time information about their availability, and the location of the task.

Individually customizable reports allow a quick assessment of work history and performance. Historical data can be retrieved, evaluated and compared with real-time data at any time.

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