Tracking and Labeling of Containers in Production

Tracking and automated, digital labeling of containers with components in production facilities support punctual completion of final products.


  • tracking of containers in production
  • paperless production due to labeling with E-Ink displays
  • automated prioritization and warnings


In production, a delay in one of the production steps or wrong prioritizations of orders can prevent the punctual completion of the end product. This may lead to unsatisfied customers and penalty fees.


tracking solution supports the punctual completion of all orders. By using E-Ink Display Beacons on containers with components, their location can be seen on a digital map at all times. Moreover, the containers can be labeled automatically. This results in paperless production which means that handwritten notes that have to be updated regularly and individually are no longer necessary.

Besides the order number, the current production step and the planned completion date are written on the display. In addition, it can be automatically noted directly on the container whether a product is delayed or has high priority. In order to enhance visibility, important information can be displayed in red on the E-Ink displays. This helps employees to quickly and easily identify high priority containers or those that are already delayed. These containers can then be prioritized so that they reach the next step as quickly as possible.

If the delay of a container is impending or it has been in a production step for an unusually long time, an automatic message with a warning or reminder can be sent to the head office or the production staff.


infsoft isometric eInk Production EN
3D Infographic: Tracking and Labeling of Containers in Production

E-Ink Display Beacons are attached to containers with components. In order to localize the containers, infsoft Locator Nodes receive Bluetooth signals from the beacons and send them to the infsoft LocAware platform®. This is where the data is intelligently processed and the position is determined. By using a mobile app or browser application, the containers’ locations can be seen on a digital map.

The E-Ink displays are labeled using an interface with the ERP software. Via Bluetooth, the content is sent from an infsoft Locator Node to the E-Ink display. As soon as a container leaves one production step and reaches the next, the information can be updated automatically with the help of the infsoft Automation Engine. When a container stays too long in a certain area, this will automatically be displayed and additionally, a message can be sent to the employees.

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