Tracking of Endoscopes in Hospitals

With an asset tracking solution, endoscopes in hospitals can be reliably located and inventoried. It also serves to prevent theft.


  • localization and status information of endoscopes in hospitals
  • theft protection through geofencing
  • utilization analysis


Endoscopes are often stored in different, unmarked places as frequently used objects of daily use in hospitals. As a result, they are often searched for a long time or even lost. Particularly when it comes to stocktaking, this often results in major problems in the bookkeeping, as the assets actually identified differ from those recorded.


By using a tracking solution, the location of endoscopes in the hospital, including relevant information, can be viewed at any time.

The position of the tools is displayed on a digital building map. In addition, the tracking solution provides an automatic and continuous inventory of all endoscopes in the hospital. In addition to the current position, other relevant data such as the purchase date, type of endoscope, the department assigned to the object, last cleaning date and the value of the object can be stored.

By analyzing the movement data of the endoscopes, it is also possible to identify bottlenecks and uncover potential for optimization.

The tracking solution can also increase the theft protection of the endoscopic tools. As soon as an endoscope leaves a predefined area, this is registered and an automatic warning is sent to the responsible station personnel. This also has a preventive character, as the inhibition threshold for theft increases significantly.


infsoft isometric Tracking of Endoscopes in Hospitals EN
3D Infographic: Tracking of Endoscopes in Hospitals

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons are attached to the endoscopes with the help of shrink tubing. infsoft Locator Beacons are attached to ceilings or walls at regular intervals within the storage room and record the data of the endoscopes. In addition, there are infsoft Locator Nodes per floor, which are mounted in the corridors and connected to the network.

The BLE beacons transmit signals at regular intervals, which are received by the infsoft Locator Beacons. The information is then forwarded from the Locator Beacons to the Locator Node. This Node sends the data to the infsoft LocAware platform® where the position is determined.

The position of the objects can be tracked with spatial accuracy in infsoft Tracking and motion profiles can be analyzed in infsoft Analytics.

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