Digital Room Signage in Office Buildings

The use of E-Ink displays with an interface to the internal booking system enables efficient designation of conference rooms.


  • management of meeting rooms
  • real-time data on conference room occupancy


As meetings become more and more spontaneous and are postponed more and more often, flexible and secure room reservation systems are required. Especially in large offices, where many meetings take place and are also closely timed, networking the door panels with a booking system offers great efficiency advantages. In addition, the frequent re-labelling with paper signs is increasingly viewed with suspicion in times of increasing climate protection efforts.


Displays in front of the conference rooms show both the booking times of meeting rooms and the actual occupancy of the room. This information is also available in the room booking system. As soon as a room becomes available earlier than planned, this is shown in the booking system so that it can be used for other meetings in the meantime. If a meeting is cancelled at short notice, it can also be cancelled centrally or directly on the smartphone. The fact that employees can play the room signage themselves significantly reduces the amount of work in administration. This means that Facility Management no longer has to print out paper signs. Digital room signage thus enables flexible and fast reservation processes.

In addition to the duration of room occupancy, additional information such as the room’s equipment and capacity can also be shown on the E-Ink displays. A further image gain for the company results from the reduction in paper consumption and the associated decrease in the CO2 footprint.


infsoft isometric Digital Room Signage in Office Buildings EN
3D Infographic: Digital Room Signage in Office Buildings

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons with E-Ink display will be placed next to the doors of the conference rooms. The infsoft Locator Nodes installed in the building receive the signals from the beacons and send them to the infsoft LocAware platform®, where the data is processed intelligently.

The labelling of the E-Ink Display Beacons can be realised via an interface with the ERP software. The content is transferred from an infsoft Locator Node to the E-Ink display to be labelled via Bluetooth. The information on the display can be adjusted automatically with the help of the infsoft Automation Engine as soon as there are changes in the assignment. If the room is empty, this can also be displayed graphically.

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