Member of German Parliament Dr. Reinhard Brandl Visits infsoft

On July 6th Dr. Reinhard Brandl visited infsoft.

On July 6th Dr. Reinhard Brandl visited infsoft. Brandl is a member of the German parliament (CSU) and since 2009 he has been parlamentarian of the election district Ingolstadt.
Since he is a business engineer who graduated at TU München – faculty for informatics – Mr Brandl has a vast knowledge of the IT sector. He talked about the economic attractiveness of Germany for software companies with infsoft directors Tobias Donaubauer and Rudolf Donaubauer and product manager Thomas Winkler. Mr Brandl got to know the indoor navigation products of infsoft and said he was delighted about the fact that the company from Großmehring is internationally successful.

We were very happy and greatful to welcome Mr Brandl.

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