infsoft Year in Review 2023

In this blog post, we have collected all the important happenings from 2023 for you.

infsoft Year in Review

As the year draws to a close, it has been another year full of significant developments for us. This blog post summarizes all the relevant events, interesting use cases, and new products.


The focus this year was on the functional expansion of the infsoft Workplace Experience App. The app offers a wide range of solutions and applications in smart offices, leading to a more pleasant and productive working day for employees. The application includes a wide range of functionality in the following areas.

infsoft Workplace Experience App Mobility Live Parking
infsoft Workplace Experience App: Onsite Parking

The Workplace Experience App can offer employees more convenience even before they reach their workplace. It provides a quick overview of travel options by integrating car park information, company shuttle timetables, and public transport. In the area of electromobility, users can use the app to find and book charging stations, e-bikes, and e-scooters. Detailed information on access routes and visitor car parks makes visitors’ journeys easier. The app also offers functions for carpooling and options for commuters.

infsoft Workplace Experience App Mobility Live Parking
infsoft Workplace Experience App: Onsite Parking

An interactive map and precise positioning using infsoft Locator Beacons enable the application to provide user-friendly navigation on site. Live information such as workplace and meeting room occupancy is displayed. Building plans in the infsoft Maps Editor provide a detailed visualization of real building structures. Indoor navigation offers step-by-step route planning with customized profiles and barrier-free options. Access restrictions can be defined and the app differentiates between visitor and employee navigation. Evacuation information can be provided via push notification, and the app enables direct emergency calls with precise positioning in the event of an emergency.

infsoft Workplace Experience App Dining Occupancy
infsoft Workplace Exoerience App: Occupancy

This section presents a wide range of information on the restaurants located on the company site. For example, menus from various canteens or restaurants are published for the coming week. Each user can customize the display by selecting allergens or special dietary preferences in advance, whereupon the menu selection is automatically adjusted accordingly. Additional information on the individual menus, such as costs, nutrition scores, or allergens, can be called up directly in the app. Current issues, available meal vouchers, occupancy notices, and opening times are also provided directly in the application.

infsoft Workplace Experience App Ressource Booking Desk Booking
infsoft Workplace Experience App: Desk Booking

The Workplace Experience App makes it easy to find and book all the required resources directly. With precise positioning and the integration of interfaces, such as calendar information, all current occupancy information for the various resources can also be called up in real time. The app offers booking options for workstations, meeting rooms, lockers, and individual equipment.

Catering can also be booked as part of the room booking. For this purpose, all relevant information such as the number of participants and the timing of the meeting are linked to the booking details of the room and automatically transferred.

infsoft Workplace Experience App Smart Working Sharing Position
infsoft Workplace Experience App: Onsite Parking

The Smart Working section includes various tools that improve communication between employees. The Colleague Finder makes it easier to find colleagues, Team Planning enables the creation of individual teams, and Onsite/Offsite Planning provides automatically generated information on attendance status. The integration of a personal calendar for each user also contributes to a more structured way of working.

infsoft Workplace Experience App Issue Reporting Issue List
infsoft Workplace Experience App: Issue List

Issue reporting enables users to report damage or similar issues in meeting rooms or workstations directly via the app. External service providers such as “ServiceNow” can be integrated via interfaces. In addition to creating tickets and notifying the responsible personnel, the app provides an overview of existing and previously reported faults to avoid duplicate reports. Furthermore, reported faults can be displayed directly in the meeting room via e-signage solutions such as infsoft E-Ink Display Beacons.

infsoft Workplace Experience App Analytics Cleaning Overview
infsoft Workplace Experience App: Overview

Based on the sensor information, the information and data prepared and processed by infsoft Analytics are made available in the Workplace Experience App. A simplified version of the data collection is displayed here, for example, as a diagram for canteen utilization or as a color-coded traffic light display for floor utilization. Various analysis information is made available to individual user groups via a separate contractor login to simplify their activities and make work processes more efficient.

For example, cleaning service providers can log into the Workplace Experience App via a separate login screen and receive individual insights into the company’s utilization data.

infsoft Workplace Experience App Mobility Live Parking
infsoft Workplace Experience App: Onsite Parking

This section offers the opportunity to plan internal events and strengthen the connection between employees. It is provided with various functionalities such as chat, personal profile, skill finder, and acquaintance list. Among other things, various company services can be booked in this section, such as health checks or personalized travel advice.

The products infsoft Wayfinding and infsoft Occupancy were also updated and expanded as part of the introduction of the new products.

Featured Image Workplace

infsoft Workplace Experience

Featured Image Wayfinding

infsoft Wayfinding

Featured Image infsoft Occupancy

infsoft Occupancy

featured image infsoft room environment

infsoft Room Environment

Featured Image Room Signage

infsoft Room Signage

Featured Image Lead Time Tracking

infsoft Lead Time Tracking

featured image infsoft People Tracking

infsoft People Tracking

featured image infsoft MedEquip Tracking

infsoft MedEquip Tracking


The infsoft Locator Node Dongle was launched this year. The development of the infsoft AI Occupancy Sensor was also finalized.

infsoft Locator Node Dongle

The infsoft Locator Node Dongle is a compact version of the infsoft Locator Node 1400. It enables the localization of people and assets using Bluetooth Low Energy and acts as a gateway for other infrastructure components such as infsoft Locator Beacons or infsoft E-Ink display hardware. Below you will find detailed information on further advantages, in particular the ecological benefits, of using Locator Node dongles.

infsoft Locator Node Dongle Sensor Year in Review 2023
infsoft AI Occupancy Sensor Year in Review 2023
infsoft AI Occupancy Sensor

The infsoft AI Occupancy Sensor combines an integrated optical sensor and a PIR sensor and analyses the recorded images in compliance with data protection regulations using artificial intelligence. It is mainly used for passive occupancy detection and thus supports optimum workplace and room resource utilization.


Exciting blog posts, including those on the new functions of the Workplace Experience App and the increasingly important topic of data protection, are summarised below.

This is what awaits us in 2023!

In 2024, we will be introducing further sensors to our portfolio, which we are currently developing with our partners. We look forward to presenting these to you soon.

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