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Indoor SDKs by infsoft – Implement our IPS Technology Easily

Cooperation with developers plays a major role for us. Everyone who would like to get a license for our software should have the possibility to examine it intensively in advance. The infsoft developer portal gives you the opportunity to do this. It includes the infsoft SDKs (software development kits) and the possibility to test our tools free of charge. Registering at is the first step towards becoming more familiar with everything.

Test infsoft’s indoor navigation and positioning for free

The infsoft developer portal provides a detailed guide on how to implement a complete indoor positioning project successfully.

  1. Create location: Upload floor plan, draw building structure, define navigation routes, publish location
  2. Calibrate location: Define calibration routes, walk calibration routes, distribute calibration data
  3. Test of all functions
When you have an account for the developer portal, you have access to the infsoft tools – Maps Editor, Calibration Tool, Calibration App, Maps App and Indoor Analytics. This way, you will easily get to know the tools we and our clients work with every day.

Indoor SDKs by infsoft available as plugins for your app

Do you already have an application – only the indoor positioning part is missing? That’s no problem because we offer all of our plugins as independent libraries for Android and iOS:

Maps Library
Via the infsoft Maps Library interactive 2D/3D maps can be integrated. The map is stagelessly zoomable and can be rotated on all axes. Furthermore, the library offers a variety of display and adjustment options.

Locator Library
Enables positioning inside buildings. Besides GPS, Wi-Fi triangulation and Bluetooth, the smartphone sensors (barometer, accelerometer, compass) are used for seamless indoor and outdoor positioning.

Routes Library
Routing from start to finish parameters. The library also provides the option for a contextual routing based on diverse roles (e.g. barrier-free routing) and turn by turn routing.

GeoItems Library
Within the GeoItems Library diverse POIs can be managed. A search function covering restaurants, shops etc. is implemented, too.

Our Indoor SDKs including the 4 libraries and extensive documentation are available for only 99$. This test version is valid for 6 months – if you like it, we are happy to talk to you about licensing.

How to get an indoor navigation and positioning SDK

Everyone who wants to get a more precise idea of the infsoft tools should register at the developer portal. It’s free and has all the information important for your project. Under the menu item “SDK” you can find the individual libraries. Our support team will activate your 6 months test account including the complete SDK bundle for 99$. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team:

Get the white paper for free

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