Interfaces and Service Provider in the Workplace Experience App

This blog post provides additional information on interfaces and service provider integration within the Workplace Experience App.

infsoft Blog Interfaces and Service Provider in the Workplace Experience App

The Workplace Experience App allows service providers and interfaces to be integrated. This enables various functionalities for employees and service providers and can broaden the scope of the application.

Extended integration of service providers, such as Service-Now, improves the company’s efficiency and thus provides value for both parties. A unique contractor login expands service providers’ access to infsoft Analytics and provides them with information specifically tailored to their needs. You can find additional information about the contractor login at the conclusion of this blog post.

Interfaces to external service providers in the Workplace Experience App:

  • Connection to ticketing systems for public transportation
  • Interfaces to reservation systems for small electric vehicles, such as the E-Scooter or E-Bikes
  • Expansion of navigation options by integrating with external route providers
  • Interfaces to ticketing systems for issue reporting, such as ServiceNow

Using interfaces to third-party providers, such as a public transportation provider’s ticketing system, tickets can be purchased quickly and easily through the Workplace Experience App. The interface between the infsoft Workplace Experience App and the respective ticket systems enables a seamless transition between applications for app users.

Cooperation with or integration of external service providers also makes sense in the context of electromobility. The Workplace Experience App can be used to locate and reserve electric scooters, e-bikes, and electric cars.

An additional interface to external route providers such as Google Maps expands the Workplace Experience App’s indoor navigation to include navigation options outside the company’s premises, such as to the nearest bus stop or train station.

An interface to ticketing systems such as ServiceNow makes sense for issue reporting to make it easier for Workplace Experience App users to report tickets. In the following section, further integration of service providers into issue reporting is described.

Holistic integration of service providers:

  • Comprehensive integration of service providers for issue reporting, such as ServiceNow
  • Complete incorporation of service providers for the implementation of Cleaning on Demand

When integrated beyond a simple interface, a third-party tool like ServiceNow makes it easier for Workplace Experience users to report tickets and for service providers to process and keep track of repair and cleaning orders. 

With a more thorough integration of service providers such as ServiceNow, the tickets created by app users can be georeferenced so that both the user and the service provider can see the exact location. Seeing the precise location facilitates the processing of open repair orders by service providers. In addition, service providers can directly communicate via the app whether orders are being processed or have been marked as completed.

Contractor Login

Service providers may obtain a distinct contractor login for the Workplace Experience App. Specific content from infsoft Analytics is integrated into the Workplace Experience App, and the service provider is provided with individualized data. This function increases the effectiveness of workflows and leads to the optimization of processes as a whole.

infsoft Workplace Experience App Contractor Login
infsoft Workplace Experience App: Contractor Login

An example of the complete integration of a service provider

Cleaning on Demand is an example of service provider integration that extends beyond the interface.

With the assistance of the Workplace Experience App and specific content from infsoft Analytics, the cleaning service provider is provided with information regarding the usage of specific spaces.

After the service staff has logged in to the Workplace Experience App via the contractor login, the areas to be cleaned are displayed according to the traffic light principle (including a gradation based on usage intensity over a predefined time period) and any special cleaning requirements are stored. The service provider can record and transmit the cleaned areas to the SUM4Cleaning Dashboard (infrastructure analytics). Automatic positioning displayed on a digital map simplifies process flows for service personnel within the Workplace Experience App.

Closer integration and the creation of value by both external service providers and the application itself saves a lot of money by making processes more efficient and using resources more effectively. 

Feel free to get in touch with us at any time if you want to find out more about how to add service providers to the Workplace Experience App. 

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