Digital Support for Triage in Emergency Rooms

A tracking solution supports staff in the emergency department with the treatment and prioritization of patients.


  • localization of patients within the hospital
  • overview of available resources
  • analysis and optimization of processes


With a high volume of patients in the emergency department, it is not always possible to treat every patient immediately. Prioritization of medical assistance may therefore become necessary.


When registering in the emergency room, each patient receives a beacon wristband that can be used to determine their position. Staff can then view the location and all important information regarding the patient in a comprehensive dashboard.

In the hectic work environment in the emergency room, one glance at the dashboard provides information on where each patient is located at the moment, which rooms are currently available or where there is still capacity for more patients, and how many patients are still waiting for treatment. In addition, it can be displayed which step of the treatment process a patient is currently in. This overview supports staff in prioritizing treatments and ensures that patients are treated as promptly as possible.

Optionally, the collected position data can be used for analysis purposes. Among other things, the waiting times, the time required for the individual treatment steps and the utilization of the treatment rooms can be monitored. Based on this data, optimization potential can be revealed.


infsoft isometric Digital Support for Triage in Emergency Rooms EN
3D Infographic: Digital Support for Triage in Emergency Rooms

The beacon wristbands emit signals that are received by infsoft Locator Beacons which are installed at regular intervals throughout the hospital. The information is then forwarded to an infsoft Locator Node which transmits the data to the infsoft LocAware platform® where the position is determined.

Using infsoft Tracking, staff can access the position data via a browser application or mobile app and view the patients’ locations on a digital map.

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