The Basics of Indoor Navigation: infsoft Launches New Information Portal

Today, we would like to introduce our new wiki about indoor navigation to you.

infoportal indoor navigation wiki

Today, we would like to introduce our new wiki about indoor navigation to you. The website went online on November 3rd – it was completed on the very day of the 10th anniversary of infsoft. Our small present to ourselves was a great deal of work – but we are sure it was worth it. At you can now find an information portal which explains the most important basics of indoor navigation. Due to the vast number of positioning technologies and the dynamically changing technical environment in this area, it is not so easy to gain an overview.


The website has 3 categories: knowledge (frequently asked questions), wiki (technical terms such as beacon or triangulation explained) and solutions (use cases and examples – independent from specific industries). Each article features a comment section – we hope for interesting discussions. Many articles offer related links.


The target group includes for example decision-makers in companies who are looking for new, innovative technologies, journalists who want to see the bigger picture, students, developers and basically everyone who is interested in indoor navigation.

internatives was the agency in charge of the technical implementation which is based on the CMS perch. All content has been produced in-house. We would love to hear what you think of the website. Write us on the social networks or post your comments directly on the website. Did we forget an important topic? Tell us!

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A great introduction to the topic of indoor positioning