Smart Connected Locations – How infsoft Makes Location Based Data Valuable by Connecting Them

“smart connected locations” is infsoft’s guiding principle and at the same time the name of our platform, which collects, integrates, connects, prepares and provides location based data.

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“smart connected locations” is infsoft’s guiding principle and at the same time the name of our platform, which collects, integrates, connects, prepares and provides location based data (devices and geographic information). We are happy to explain what it is all about.

All of infsoft’s solutions follow the principle of a connected platform. Our tools, which are used for indoor positioning and for related services, are connected with each other. The obtained data can thus be combined which results in whole new added values which go far beyond the blue dot in a map.  


  • In an office building itineraries are tracked anonymously and people in certain areas are counted. Based on these numbers, the system can conclude which meeting rooms are already full and suggest other facilities to book. Also, the elevator controls can act flexibly, depending on the amount of people on different floors. These concepts can be classified as “Connected Building” or “Connected Enterprise” approaches.
  • During an evacuation indoor positioning can support the factory security service. An intelligent smoke detector can transmit the alarm signal to the system. Smartphone which are around, receive a warning message which can also contain safe navigation instructions for the people that should be evacuated.
  • International passengers arrive at an airport. Departure airport and destination airport share the same analytics technology, thus information about preferred products and brands can be exchanged. If, for example, one passenger stands near a rack with a special perfume brand for a longer time at the departure airport, he can be shown targeted push notifications (advertisement or coupons) on his phone, arriving at the destination airport in order to increase sales.
  • On a factory site theft should be prevented. For this purpose, geofences (virtual fences) are set up. The objects that should be tracked (i.e. pallets) are equipped with a beacon. In this way, an alarm can be triggered when the object leaves the area.
  • infsoft’s solutions make it possible to display the whole travel chain, for example in the sector of rail traffic. One passenger is detected at train station A anonymously and his or her movement profile is analyzed (shop visits etc.). These data can be used for personalized advertisement. In addition, the number of people in a railway wagon can be measured and where they get on and off the train. Thus, forecast models can be generated which predict occupancy rate, areas of interest and much more.


The topic of data protection plays a major role in systems used for analysis. The protection of customer data is especially important when you are dealing with the recording of movement profiles in public spaces (i.e. train stations). Data from public spaces is always collected anonymously. infsoft strictly separates data from individual partner companies from each other and never hands over data to third parties.

On the one hand, there are measures on the device-side such as MAC randomization (regular changing of the MAC address) in iOS. On other hand, infsoft Locator Nodes use a hash algorithm (SHA-1) so that MAC addresses of all device classes are reused in the systems as anonymous device IDs in an irreversible process. A return to the original MAC address of the device is thus no longer possible. In addition, all data from clients is stored on secure cloud servers in Europe.


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