Options for customization in the Workplace Experience App

Learn more about the personalization options available within the Workplace Experience App.

infsoft Blog Options for customization in the Workplace Experience App

The Workplace Experience App provides a variety of customized features that optimize the daily work routine for each user. Whether it be in the aspects of food and beverage, networking, or resource booking, the app enables individual customizations that enhance company-wide productivity and collaboration.

In this blog post, the various customization options will be explained in more detail.


  • Customizable homescreen layout
  • Filter options and different dietary styles in the dining section
  • An overview of spending on food and drink
  • Collect loyalty points through a personal coffee passport
  • Creating your own team independent of the organization’s structure, for example, co-working teams
  • A view of the personal calendar
  • Personalised corporate news
  • Favoring particular workplaces, buildings, and lockers

  • Homescreen

The Workplace Experience App allows users to customize the homescreen widgets.

Using the drag-and-drop functionality, users can arrange the widgets according to their specific requirements.

The user can set the visibility of each widget so that they only see the information that is important to them. 

  • Dining

In the dining section each user can save their individual dietary preferences and then view personalized menus for restaurants and canteens. Also, allergens can be managed within the app so that only the most relevant menus are shown. Additionally, you can get a notification if a previously selected favorite dish is available.

In addition, a summary of food and beverage expenditures is displayed based on the QR code or employee badge used for payment. A feature that enables users to track and manage their food and beverage expenditures. The application displays how much money has been spent thus far and provides an overview of the individual items in order to improve budget control.

A program that rewards coffee drinkers for their loyalty. Users can accumulate a digital loyalty passport by receiving a stamp every time they purchase a cup of coffee. After collecting a certain number of stamps, the user receives a reward, such as a free coffee.

  • Networking

In the networking sector, it is possible to form your own team within the application, regardless of the company’s organizational structure, in order to collaborate more effectively. This can be co-working teams that collaborate on a project or a team of workmates who have turned into friends and take their lunch break together.

Each user’s personal calendar is also displayed to employees within the Workplace Experience App. This provides the user with an overview of their daily schedule and the ability to navigate at any time from their current location to their next appointment. A feature that integrates and displays the user’s personal calendar within the application. The application displays and notifies the user of upcoming appointments and events.

Additionally, the app provides customized company news based on the user’s interests and requirements. This enables the user to receive important news and announcements directly within the app, ensuring that they never again miss important information.

  • Resources Booking

The application also provides customized settings for resource booking. Users can define their preferred workstations and lockers as favorites, which will always be checked for availability and displayed first.

On the one hand, this makes it easier to move around in the app, since the workstations or lockers that are used the most are always shown first. On the other hand, this saves time for functions that are used often, like reserving the right workstations. 

This flexibility makes the Workplace Experience App a valuable tool for companies that want to offer their employees a modern working environment. After all, a well-connected staff and quick availability of information are crucial for successful collaboration and effective working.

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