Coordination of Security Forces at the Airport

A tracking solution in airports ensures that, in the event of a security problem, police and security personnel will arrive promptly at the scene.


  • server-based localization of portable radios
  • position overview on digital map
  • coordination of security forces


At an airport, critical situations and incidents regularly occur to which security personnel must respond. Often, however, an unnecessarily long time passes until a security guard arrives at the scene.


The localization of the digital portable radios, that the security forces carry with them, enables effective coordination of the officers and ensures that they arrive at the location of the incident quickly.

In the control center, the position data of the individual security guards can be viewed on a digital map. As soon as a problem is observed or reported, the staff at the control center can determine which security officer is within the shortest distance. This officer is then informed of the incident via radio. This procedure makes it possible to have a security guard on site to deal with the problem in the shortest possible time.


infsoft isometric Coordination Security Forces Airport EN
3D Infographic: Coordination of Security Forces at the Airport

In the airport building, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are placed at regular intervals on the walls or ceilings. Safety forces carry TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) radios with them. These have an integrated BLE chip. Besides voice transmission, the device can also be used for data transmission. A further advantage of the technology is its high availability, which, for example, is also given in tunnels and when there is a high volume of calls.

The beacons emit signals that are received by the TETRA radios. Precise positioning is possible when the device simultaneously detects three beacons in its vicinity. Via the TETRA network, this data is sent from the radio to the infsoft LocAware platform®, where the position is determined.

With infsoft Tracking, the control center can track the position of the forces in real time. For this solution, the control center does not necessarily have to be located on the airport premises. The reliability of the positioning remains unchanged even if there is a longer distance between the portable radios and the control center.

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