Automated Workflow Management for Security Personnel

Automated, geo-based assignment of tasks to security personnel enables employees to quickly locate and resolve problems.


  • client-based positioning and indoor navigation
  • automated assignment of tasks including location information
  • display of information on smartwatch


If a complication, such as smoke development in a machine room, occurs in a power plant, it often takes some time for employees to become aware of the problem, find its source and solve it. By then, the scale of the problem may have increased and compromises both employee safety and power plant productivity.


tracking solution and a workflow management tool ensure that in the event of a security problem, an employee is notified immediately and is able to reach the relevant location as quickly as possible.

If, for example, smoke detectors in a power plant detect smoke in an area, this information can be sent directly and automatically via an interface with the power plant’s information system to the security employee who is located at the shortest distance from the problem.

In addition to the hazard alert and work instructions, the employee receives information about the location, can view it on a digital map and can use his smartphone to navigate to it. Notifications, map sections and routes can also be displayed on the employee’s smartwatch.


infsoft isometric Workflow Management Sicherheitspersonal DE
3D Infographic: Automated Workflow Management for Security Personnel

Each security employee carries a smartphone with enabled Bluetooth function and a smartwatch. All messages that are sent to the smartphone can be displayed on the watch. Battery-powered Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are attached to walls or ceilings throughout the area. The beacons send signals that are received by the smartphones. In an app, the position of the employee can be determined by measuring the signal strength.

In order to make the location information available to other users and to visualize it in infsoft Tracking, it can be sent to the infsoft LocAware platform® which is available as cloud solution. The infsoft Workflow Management sends automated task assignments to employees via an interface to the infsoft Automation Engine. The task, including location information, is automatically assigned to the employee in closest proximity to the problem.

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