Automatic Time Recording at Workstations

A tracking solution enables the automatic and reliable recording of working hours of employees who work alternately at different workstations.


  • localization of employees at workstations
  • automatic recording of working time
  • linking with payroll system


In a manufacturing plant, some employees may change their workstation on a daily or weekly basis. Often, the hourly wage also differs depending on the workstation. To ensure fair payment, it is therefore important to always have an overview of how much time each individual employee has spent at each workstation.


With the help of a tracking solution, the employees’ working hours can be recorded automatically. The system recognizes when and how long an employee is located at a particular machine or in a particular work zone.

By linking to a payroll system, the working hours can be logged automatically. The calculation of each employee’s individual wage can then be performed reliably based on the data obtained from the tracking.

In addition, the solution provides more transparency with regard to work processes and actual working hours.


infsoft isometric Automatic Time Recording
3D Infographic: Automatic Time Recording at Workstations

Each employee carries an ISO card with an integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beaconinfsoft Locator Beacons are attached to the individual workstations or work areas. The Locator Beacons receive the signals from the beacons and forward them to an infsoft Locator Node. The data is then intelligently processed in the infsoft LocAware platform®.

The data can be transmitted to a payroll system via an interface. There, the salary of each employee is then calculated individually based on the working hours and the respective hourly wage.

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