Condition Monitoring in Archive Rooms

A condition monitoring system ensures the long-term preservation of sensitive documents in archive rooms.


  • monitoring of environmental conditions
  • notification of deviation from target values


In archive rooms, temperature and relative humidity are essential factors in the preservation of sensitive documents. Both elements need to be kept as constant as possible. Under wrong environmental conditions, the stored objects could be damaged. Moisture damage, bacterial infestation and deformation are just some of the problems that can occur if environmental conditions are not stable and controlled.


For long-term preservation of documents and sensitive objects, temperature and humidity are monitored in archive rooms.

Sensor beacons use Bluetooth technology to broadcast data like temperaturerelative humidity (and optionally further sensor data such as lux levels, air pressure etc.) to help businesses understand and control the indoor environment. This is critical to preserving the company’s documents and keeping them in good condition. Whenever the target values are undershot or exceeded, a notification is automatically sent to relevant staff so that countermeasures can be taken.


infsoft isometric Condition Monitoring Archive Rooms EN
3D Infographic: Condition Monitoring in Archive Rooms

In the archive room, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are attached at regular intervals. In addition, a small number of infsoft Locator Nodes is installed (depending on room size). The beacons are equipped with sensor functions, measure the temperature and relative humidity in the environment and send the scan data to a Locator Node. From there, the data is transmitted to the infsoft LocAware platform®, where it is intelligently processed and made available via web services. In the Automation Engine, the status information is linked to conditions so that actions such as notification of employees can be triggered automatically in the event of deviations from target values.

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