Management of Conference Rooms

Condition sensors in combination with a workflow management tool enable an efficient management of conference rooms.


  • real time data of conference room occupancy
  • management of catering and cleaning services


In an office building, guests and customers are usually welcomed in conference rooms. An untidy room or an insufficient amount of food or drinks can affect the outcome of conversations and possible business deals negatively. Especially in large offices, where a lot of meetings take place on a daily basis and the conference rooms are booked most of the time, it can get difficult to properly manage all rooms.


The management of conference rooms can be enhanced by implementing condition sensors and a workflow management tool.

Displays at the doors of the conference rooms show if and until when a room is booked plus the actual occupancy of the room. Additionally, this information can be accessed in the room booking system. If a room is vacant sooner than planned, it can be used for other meetings or already be prepared for the meeting that is scheduled next.

By using a workflow management tool before and during meetings, catering can be ordered, cleaning personnel can be called and necessary repairs can be reported effortlessly and at short notice. Consequently, the room is always in a good condition and problems can be solved as soon as they arise.


infsoft isometric management conference rooms EN
3D Infographic: Management of Conference Rooms

Infrared thermopile sensors that are attached to the ceilings of the conference rooms record thermal images of the room. Via Bluetooth Low Energy, the data collected by the sensors is sent to the infsoft Locator Nodes which then submit the data to the infsoft LocAware platform® where it is intelligently processed and the occupancy of the room is determined. Alternatively, the number of people in the room can be determined by using the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals of the smartphones that the people carry with them.

infsoft Workflow Management enables employees to generate and assign tasks using a mobile app or browser application. The responsible personnel receive their notifications promptly and can furthermore view their tasks on a digital map.

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