Room Environment Monitoring in Offices

The continuous measurement and monitoring of environmental conditions in an office facilitates an optimal working environment for employees.


  • recording of sensor data in offices
  • access to data via app or desktop application
  • optimization of environmental conditions


An ideal room climate in an office building leads to greater satisfaction and productivity among employees. At the same time, it provides health benefits.


Unobtrusive, low-maintenance and long-lasting hardware can be used to collect data on environmental conditions in offices and meeting rooms. In addition to temperature and relative humidity, the most relevant measured values include the carbon dioxide level in the air and the brightness in the room.

The information can be accessed at any time via a mobile app or desktop application. Optionally, a link to the building control system can be established. This makes it possible to adjust the room climate (e.g. temperature) directly via the app.

Monitoring the data over time, further allows for analysis and insights that can be used to optimize environmental conditions.


infsoft isometric room environment offices
3D Infographic: Room Environment Monitoring in Offices

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons with integrated sensor technology are mounted on walls or ceilings of the individual rooms and measure environmental conditions. The data is then forwarded to a centrally installed infsoft Locator Node 1400 and sent to the infsoft LocAware platform®. There, the data is intelligently processed and made available via web services.

The user can then view the data in an intuitive user interface in an app on their mobile device or computer. The solution is based on the infsoft Sensors software tool.

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