Asset Tracking and Analytics: Hardware for Indoor Tracking

Indoor Tracking, that is locating persons and objects inside buildings, is in high demand. There are multiple application scenarios.

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Indoor Tracking, that is locating persons and objects inside buildings, is in high demand. There are multiple application scenarios.

  • Locating wares during the whole production process
  • Tracking of working equipment and vehicles
  • Position determination of employees/patients and runway analysis
  • Leading clients to specific products with indoor navigation
  • Theft protection and other security applications, for example evacuation
  • Giving drivers turn-by-turn directions


infsoft Locator Nodes are a piece of hardware which we have especially developed for the needs of our clients. They can capture all mobile devices (i.e. smartphones), WiFi enabled devices (i.e. WiFi tags) and Bluetooth beacons (attached to people/goods) and track them server based, without requiring an app. The small receivers are distributed throughout the building and connected to the electrical grid. One of them has internet connection. The Locator Nodes collect the data they receive from a sender (usually smartphone or beacon) and transmit them to a cloud server, where the data is processed. With the multiple tools from infsoft, it is for example possible to look at the position and to analyze movement patterns – in public space they are anonymous. infsoft Locator Nodes also work as beacons.


infsoft Locator Tags are perfect for large areas with relatively few objects or people to be tracked, for example when medical equipment should be tracked in a clinic. Locator Tags are small and relatively cheap WiFi and BLE transmitters which can be attached to people or objects. In order to determine their position, Bluetooth beacons are distributed all over the building. Beacons are cheap (3-30 Euros) and can simply be stuck to the walls. The Locator Tags receive the beacon signals and transmit the data to a server where the position is calculated. The beacons can additionally be used for precise indoor navigation for clients and employees.


Indoor positioning with Ultra-wideband is relevant for certain tracking solutions in the industry environment where a high precision of 10-30 cm and low latencies are required. The installation can be server based (Visualization of positioning data in the backend, no display on a client (smartphone)) or client based Visualization of positioning data on a client (smartphone) and if necessary transmission to the backend). In order to track vehicles, wares and people precisely, you will need UWB Anchors and one infsoft Locator Tag, respectively one additional infsoft Locator Node for server based installations.


With infsoft Locator Nodes, infsoft Locator Tags and Ultra-wideband we offer some interesting hardware solutions which we have developed based on the needs of our clients. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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