Data Linking of Beacons

Our blog post describes the three technical possibilities to convert beacons to other projects.

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In the past, we have received a large number of requests from our customers asking whether beacons can be used for more than one project. We can answer this question with a definite yes. The reuse of beacons is intended, reasonable and is supported by us with a number of technical possibilities.

In this blog entry, we would like to briefly summarize the various ways in which beacons can be reused in other projects:

Option 1

The probably easiest method is to scan the barcode or QR code of a beacon with the camera of a smartphone and the infsoft app. Once the beacon has been captured via the app, it is possible to assign a new item or asset to the beacon directly in the app. The data linking then takes place via the infsoft LocAware platform®, which forms the interface to the application.

Infographic Beacon Data Linking Code Scanning
infsoft infografic: data linking of beacons by scanning QR/barcodes

Option 2

If the beacon does not have an identification code, it can be assigned an order ID (imprint, label) and identified via this ID. The procedure for reprogramming otherwise corresponds to option 1.

Option 3

Also via an interface to an ERP system (e.g. Windows application) the beacon can be assigned a new task with an order ID. In this case, the interface or program on the computer replaces the infsoft app. This creates a link between item data and information from the ERP system. This information could be an order number, for example. In this case, the data linking takes place between the Windows application and the ERP system.

Infographic Beacon Data Linking Erp System
infsoft infografic: data linking of beacons via an ERP system

With these three methods, it should be possible for every company to reuse the beacon or use it in different projects. The useful life and flexibility of the beacons is thus extended and with it the profitability of the investment.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

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