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Indoor Navigation and Location-Based Services for Office and Industry

Indoor positioning and indoor navigation can make the management of large offices and industry buildings a lot easier and employees can also benefit from it. For example, you can track assets or people, support the security service and offer your staff an employee app.

Benefits from asset- and staff tracking

Assumed that your company site includes a large warehouse, you can determine the location of pallets or vehicles by the means of indoor positioning with an accuracy of less than a meter. The position can be displayed for example in an app or web based platform. It also works with very high storage depots with several levels. It is possible to automatically send a message to the security service when goods leave a defined area. These functions can also be applied to staff and external companies. Both can be integrated in an operation control system, in order to delegate tasks.

Advantages for employees

An employee app facilitates work and social contacts for the staff working in large buildings. For example, the application can show them the way to offices and meeting rooms – you can even directly book them. By means of the buddy finder colleagues can exchange their positions and meet up for lunch or an appointment. Further useful and time-saving information which can be included are opening hours and dishes offered by the canteen, departure times of public transport and the position of the employee’s car.


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