Options for Booking and Reservation in the Workplace Experience App

Various booking & reservation options in the Workplace Experience App.

infsoft Blog Options for Booking and Reservation in the Workplace Experience App

This blog post introduces the different ways to book and reserve resources through the Workplace Experience App. The different resources can be booked in two ways, which are explained in more detail at the end of the blog post.

As described in the previous blog post, “Occupancy Analytics in the Workplace Experience App” the live occupancy information has a significant impact on booking and reservation options, as it can be viewed and controlled in advance for each booking or reservation.

The following booking and reservation options are available in the Workplace Experience App:

  • Equipment
  • Meetingrooms
  • Desks
  • Locker
  • Tables
  • eCharger

Booking Options

Bookings for various resources, such as workstations, meeting rooms, etc., are displayed on the home screen of the Workplace Experience application as active bookings. These are accessible, editable, and cancellable at any time.

Each reservable resource has a profile from which one can retrieve a variety of information. For example, when reserving a conference room, you can view its equipment, size or capacity, and location.

All of the previous mentioned assets may be booked or reserved in two different ways. These are explained in more detail at the end of the blog post.

infsoft Workplace Experience App:
Active Bookings


For example, if a meeting room does not have the required equipment, or if additional equipment is needed for an upcoming meeting, it can be booked easily and conveniently via the Workplace Experience App. With additional tag hardware, the equipment can be searched for via the app and the user can navigate to the appropriate location.


Meeting rooms can also be booked through the Workplace Experience App. Sensors can be used to determine room occupancy or availability, making it easier for users to find and book available meeting rooms.


As the importance of flexible workspaces increases, the Workplace Experience App makes it easier for employees to locate and reserve workspaces. Through the app, nearby available workstations can be conveniently located and reserved. It is also possible to create different zones in the backend where, for example, only certain department areas can be booked by the app user.


The uncomplicated booking and reservation of lockers makes it even easier for employees to organize their daily work. The closest lockers are displayed on a digital map on the desired floor or building and can be booked there.


The Workplace Experience App can be used to reserve tables in the company’s canteens and restaurants. This is a great convenience, especially for meetings with catering, as seats can be reserved for visitors in advance.


Booking and reservation options are also available in the mobility area, for example for eCharging stations. eChargers can be easily reserved and booked on the company premises via the Workplace Experience App. The location of the eCharging station can also be viewed on a digital map.

Booking via the Booking Wizard

infsoft Workplace Experience App:
Booking Wizzard

The Booking Wizard is particularly useful for future bookings. For example, if a meeting room is required for a future date, it can be selected and booked using the Booking Wizard.

Booking via the Digital Map – Quick Reservation

Quick Reservation, or booking via a digital map, focuses on finding and booking the nearest resource quickly and easily. The app user’s location matches the resource or equipment required and is displayed on a digital map. The user can then select the desired equipment and enter the period for the booking.

infsoft Workplace Experience App Quickreservation
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