New: the infsoft LocAware platform®

infsoft now interconnects its tools in an overlapping platform.

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infsoft interconnects its tools in an overlapping platform. Say hello to the new infsoft LocAware platform®

Our positioning software tools are now even more concentrated in a common platform. The “infsoft LocAware platform®” generates added values from the position data through intelligent links, improves interfaces to third-party systems and evolves into an Internet of Things platform.
One example: In a large office building runways should be analyzed anonymously and the number of persons in certain areas should be measured. From these data, the system can close which meeting rooms are already occupied and suggest an alternative to book, which in turn is linked to indoor navigation for the employees. In addition, the elevator control can be adapted in such a way that it reacts flexibly to the number of persons in different storeys. This approach can be classified as “Connected Building” or “Connected Enterprise” approach. Other areas of application are retail, factory security, personalized advertising as well as asset tracking in production and transportation.  

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