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Indoor Navigation & Tracking in the Healthcare Sector

Hospitals and clinical centers are eager to offer their patients the best possible service. After all it supports recovery when patients are comfortable during their stays. And not least, happy patients contribute to the good reputation of a hospital. Of course, good medical care has absolute priority. But besides that, a lot can be done for the quality of stay. For example, a patient app helps navigating in the building and facilitates accessing services.

The possible applications go far beyond that. Wi-Fi, beacons and co. help optimizing processes: Mobile medical equipment can be found quicker, staff is being relieved, hygiene rules controlled, itineraries analyzed, appointments coordinated and costs reduced.

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Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation in Healthcare Facilities

There is a variety of applications for indoor positioning in the healthcare sector. The main advantages are better orientation on the premises, reduced search times, theft protection of assets, increased safety for both patients and employees and overall considerable cost savings.

Asset Tracking in Healthcare

Asset Tracking in Medical Facilities

  • Coordination of medical equipment and hospital beds
  • Theft Protection

Tracking Employees and Patients in Healthcare

Tracking Patients and Employees

  • Determination of locations in emergencies
  • Tracking of vital signs
  • Out-of-bed and fall detection

Indoor Navigation and App in Healthcare

Indoor Navigation and Mobile App

  • For employees, patients and visitors
  • Find POIs (e.g. treatment rooms, canteen)
  • Additional functionalities (colleague finder, appointment management)

Technical Implementation

For indoor navigation in healthcare facilities, Bluetooth Low Energy beacons with Bluetooth 4.0 are implemented most of the time. Easy installation and long battery life of beacons are big advantages of this technology. Using a smartphone app, patients, visitors and staff can easily navigate to relevant destinations on site and view their current position on a digital map. Sensor fusion - the use of smartphone sensors – can further improve precision.

For tracking assets and people, a server-based solution based on infsoft Locator Beacons and Bluetooth 4.0 tags is most commonly used. This enables area precise localization which is accurate enough in most cases, as it is sufficient to know in which room a medical device or a patient is located in a hospital.

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