Tracking of Infants in a Hospital

A tracking solution for newborns in the hospital provides additional safety for parents and infants.


  • infants wear wristbands with cut-off alert
  • localization of newborns at relevant checkpoints
  • automatic alerting of personnel


In the day-to-day work of a hospital, it is not possible to monitor newborn children every single minute. The use of technology can help solve this problem and, for example, prevent infant abductions.


Minew B9 Wristband
Minew Beacon Wristband

In order to provide additional security for newborns and parents in the maternity ward, a tracking solution can be implemented. For this purpose, the newborn wears a beacon wristband on their ankle.

Minew’s B9 wristband is particularly well suited for this application as it allows cut-off notifications and is highly durable against external impacts.

The solution provides twofold security for families and the hospital. First, the wristband has a cut-off alert. If it is cut off or ripped off, an alarm is automatically triggered and staff are notified. In addition, receiver hardware is located at relevant checkpoints in the hospital to detect wristbands in the vicinity. In this way, it can be determined at any time whether a child is in the nursery or near an exit. If the latter is the case, an automated notification can be sent directly to the staff and prompt intervention is possible.


infsoft isometric Tracking of Infants in a Hospital
3D Infographic: Tracking of Infants in a Hospital

Bluetooth Low Energy beacon wristbands are attached to the children’s ankles. The beacons emit signals that are received by infsoft Locator Nodes. From there, the information is sent to the infsoft LocAware platform® where the data is intelligently processed.

Triggers and actions can be defined via infsoft Automation. If a beacon bracelet is detected near an exit, an alert can be sent automatically to the responsible personnel.

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