eCharging as a component of the Workplace Experience App

Booking eChargers via the application is an element of the Workplace Experience App. The app allows users to book charging stations and view the current live occupancy status.


  • Booking of a charging station through the Workplace Experience App
  • Notification via push message about the completed charging process
  • Optional visualization of the booked charging times via an infsoft E-Ink Display Beacon

Infrastructure Hardware
Optional Tag Hardware


More and more companies offer the service of electric charging stations on the company premises. The company’s vehicle fleet and employees can use this service at any time (usually for a fee). However, there is often a need for a more quick and uncomplicated insight into the current occupancy status of the charging stations. Thus, without digital assistance, it is only possible to check directly on-site whether the desired charging station is available or already occupied by a charging e-vehicle.


infsoft Workplace Experience App eCharging Screen
infsoft Workplace Experience App

The Workplace Experience App can be used to book the electric charging stations provided by the company directly or to view their current occupancy status. An eCharger can be booked via a mask in which the corresponding day and a specific time slot are selected; here, current or future times can be chosen. A quick reservation via a digital map is also possible and can be used for the immediate booking of a charging station. The actively booked charging times are then displayed on the home screen of the Workplace Experience app. Live information on the occupancy status, as well as a display mode using the traffic light principle, is also made possible via the app. Optionally, the occupancy information can also be displayed directly at the charging station on an infsoft E-Ink Display Beacon.


infsoft isometric eCharging as a component of the Workplace Experience App
3D Infographic: eCharging as a component of the Workplace Experience App

By booking an electric charging station via the Workplace Experience app and the booking information generated, reliable details can be displayed both in the app and optionally via an infsoft E-Ink Display Beacon attached to the charging station on site. The exchange of information about occupied or free charging stations takes place via the booking information and the actual occupancy status. The status of an eCharger is checked with the help of an interface to the booking information and the actual occupancy. It is immediately displayed in the app and on the optionally used infsoft E-Ink Display Beacons. The interface additionally enables a push notification to the booker about the completed charging process.

infsoft Workplace Experience App E-Ink
infsoft E-Ink Display

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