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Inventory Management of Economic Assets on Company Premises

This use case centers around the inventory of different goods of a company. The position of furniture, tools and vehicles should be visible at all times.

At a glance
  • 2D/3D building maps
  • localization of office equipment within the building
  • information on the object (department, purchase date, value, etc.)
  • geo-based anti-theft device

Problem definition

There is a large company premise on which economic assets (i.e. PCs, office furniture, vehicles) should be inventoried. The management would like to determine the position of objects at any time, know the amount of available assets and prevent assets from leaving the area. The solution currently used works with barcodes and is very complicated. It doesn’t allow exact position determination.


infsoft implements an asset tracking solution which can display the position and characteristics of objects in a web interface at any time. A database registers all assets with their particular details (department, purchasing date, value, etc.).

By means of geofencing, virtual boarders are set up. If an object that should be observed crosses the border, an alarm is given. Thus, theft can be prevented.

Technical implementation

Inventory of Economic Assets on Company Premises

infsoft Locator Nodes are evenly spread across the building. Each object that should be tracked is equipped with a beacon or a tiny beacon sticker which has a very low energy demand because of its special parametrization and use of the acceleration sensor. The beacons send out signals (ID, RSSI, timestamp) which are received and transmitted to the infsoft LocAware platform® by the Locator Nodes. The position is calculated on the server. RFID technology is not suitable for permanent position determination because of the small range and high hardware costs.

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