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FRA App of Frankfurt Airport Has a New Feature: The Sign Translator!

The FRA App of Frankfurt Airport, created by infsoft got an update these days.The new version 2.4 now has an integrated sign translator. Travelers can scan the signage, which is in English and German, and their smartphone app will translate it into Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Korean or Spanish.

The functionality is based on a free Google library. It runs directly on the smartphone so that data volume is being saved. It filters out only the relevant text from the signage and compares it with the database in which all possible signs are saved. The sign translator is very tolerant: It is sufficient when only 50 per cent of the letters are detected. Instead of a big picture, only a text of some kilobyte is sent to the server. This procedure reduces the response time extremely. Read the complete article in the press section.

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