Inclusive Approaches in the Workplace Experience App

Equal opportunities through technology: The Workplace Experience App as support for inclusive work environments

Blogpost Inclusive Approaches in the Workplace Experience App

Creating an inclusive workplace is becoming increasingly important in today’s modern and diverse work environment. Companies are increasingly required to support their employees in all aspects and ensure that every person, regardless of individual abilities or limitations, has the opportunity to participate actively in the workplace. The Workplace Experience App supports this by offering a comprehensive range of solutions and functions that accompany and facilitate companies on their path to inclusion.

In addition to focusing on barrier-free access, it also emphasizes orientation aids, customizable workplace options, and a variety of other factors. Together, these features enable individuals with varying disabilities, limitations, or individual abilities to actively participate in daily work.

Strategies to promote inclusion in organizations:
  • Contrast ratios
  • Barrier-free routing
  • Font types and sizes
  • Customized workplace equipment
  • Text-to-speech functions

Access to the application

The app implements a number of features to ensure that people with different disabilities can use the app without barriers.

One aspect that contributes to accessibility is the deliberate design, which avoids the use of small fonts. This ensures that users, especially those with visual impairments, can easily read the information on the screen without having to take elaborate magnification measures. Likewise, the application relies on accessible fonts by default, paying attention to open letter design and avoiding similar letter shapes and reflections.

The app also complies with W3C accessibility guidelines. The contrast ratios of the app allow users with visual impairments to distinguish between elements on the screen clearly. In order to meet the requirements of WCAG Level AA, which guarantees high accessibility, a minimum contrast ratio of 4.5:1 must be maintained.

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Orientation assistance and barrier-free routing in the application

The Workplace Experience app aims to ensure barrier-free wayfinding. This means that people with different needs, including those with physical limitations or visual impairments, are able to move around the corporate environment without any obstacles.

By excluding obstacles like stairs from route planning, users of the application can customize turn-by-turn navigation to their preferences and needs.

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Simplified access to information

The integration of the text-to-speech feature into the app is instrumental in promoting the inclusion of people with visual impairments. This feature enables people who are unable to perceive visual information or have limited ability to perceive it to access the app’s content. By converting text into spoken words, the text-to-speech feature opens up the possibility for these users to easily find out about available desks without having to rely solely on visual elements, among other things.

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Adaptation of the individual workplace

The use of the application supports inclusion and diversity in the workplace by enabling the search and booking of workplaces, taking into account different user needs. The ability to review and select workstation equipment allows people with different physical requirements to find a suitable workstation that meets their individual needs. Viewing different room climates also enables people with sensory sensitivities or special requirements for the working environment to create an optimal working environment.

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We would be honored to provide you with additional information regarding the Workplace Experience App and inclusion support. If necessary, you can contact one of our experts at any time for clarification or for more information about the application and benefits of the app.

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