infsoft Locator Node Dongle: Cost-Effective and Flexible Gateway Infrastructure

This blog post focuses on the infsoft Locator Node Dongle and its advantages as infrastructure hardware.

Blog infsoft Locator Node Dongle: Cost-Effective and Flexible Gateway Infrastructure

A gateway infrastructure is required for the collection and processing of locally collected sensor data, such as that collected by infsoft AI Occupancy sensors, as well as for managing infsoft Locator Beacons within the infsoft LocAware platform®. infsoft provides a variety of solutions with various connection types for this purpose. Particularly popular are the infsoft Locator Node 1400 as a PoE-capable gateway and the infsoft Locator Node Dongle with Wi-Fi communication.

Benefits of the infsoft Locator Node Dongle:

  • Simplified Installation: The dongle can effortlessly connect to any standard USB port (5W) (existing monitors, access points, etc.), eliminating the need for network cabling.
  • Independence from Access Point Manufacturers: infsoft Locator Node Dongles operate independently and do not require a Docker image on access points. They communicate within the WLAN as clients and can utilize the access point’s USB ports as power sources.
  • Cost Savings: Low hardware costs and significant reductions in installation efforts result in substantial cost savings when deploying infsoft Locator Node Dongles.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Expansion and equipping of additional areas become straightforward due to the absence of cabling requirements.
  • Size and Weight: With dimensions of 50 x 24 x 10.5 mm and a weight of 9g, the dongle allows for easy and inconspicuous installation in the infrastructure. Additionally, its reduced weight and compact size contribute to significant CO2 savings during transportation.
infografik Blogbeitrag Locator Node Dongle Parcel Comparison

Total emissions calculated using ISO 14083:2023 air freight for 100 components:

infsoft Locator Node 14000 kg

infsoft Locator Node Dongle0 kg

In a nutshell, the infsoft Locator Node Dongle provides a cost-effective and adaptable solution for establishing a gateway infrastructure. Its simplicity of installation, compact dimensions, and independence from specific access point vendors give it a clear advantage over other options. Its scalability and placement flexibility make it a strong option for enterprises looking to efficiently build or expand their hardware infrastructure. Please contact us for more information on how to implement the infsoft Locator Node Dongle.

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