infsoft 2017 Year in Review

2017 was another big year in the rapid development of the Internet of Things, and it was another great year for infsoft.

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In 2017 we continued to grow as a leading end-to-end solution provider for indoor positioning and related services, strengthened our existing partnerships, developed new ones and advanced our hardware.


Since we develop our hardware with the aim of making our indoor solutions usable for a variety of application scenarios, it was important to us to take the modular approach of our infsoft Locator Nodes one step further. The sensors no longer only respond to the current consumer standards Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), but also allow the detection of Ultra-wideband (UWB), RFID, the connection of an external camera system and the use of GPS for self-positioning of the Locator Node.

Furthermore, we extended the functionality of our infsoft Locator Tags. LoRa/BLE tags – small, battery-powered modular components – can be used in indoor and outdoor contexts. The location data is transmitted via LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network), a low power radio system designed for IoT devices which is characterized by a high range of up to 15 kilometers and short, bidirectional communication slots. The Locator Tags can also be enhanced by a GPS module or function as Ultra-wideband tags. More info on the infsoft Locator Tags here.

Ultra-wideband continued to be one of the most highly requested positioning technologies. Providing an accuracy of 10-30 cm makes it an excellent choice for applications in industrial environments. Find further information on UWB here:


In 2017, infsoft started a promising partnership with the Siemens Building Technologies Division, which is strengthening its technology portfolio for digital buildings by incorporating infsoft’s integrated solutions, offering building users and operators added value. The tracking solutions allow for inventory management, theft prevention, workspace utilization and evacuation tracking, for example. To the press release

We are really excited to see how many new projects we onboarded this year across different industries – including tracking implementations for big clients like Roche, Bosch, the United Nations, and three new indoor localization projects in hospitals.


Looking ahead to 2018, the further uptrend of IoT will open up endless opportunities for infsoft’s solution portfolio. We anticipate to do more innovative work next year, continuing to enable real-time visibility and rich data analytics to solve complex logistics, healthcare, transportation and supply chain challenges, among others. Check out some of our exciting use cases here. Also, our infsoft Locator Nodes will present themselves in a new look next year – stay tuned.

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