infsoft Year in Review 2022

In this blog post, we have collected all the important happenings from 2022 for you.

Jahresrückblick 2022

Another exciting year now draws to a close for infsoft. In this blog post, we have recapped all the important events, exciting use cases and new products for you.


Our products and product concepts are continually developed. This year, our focus was on the Workplace Experience, which was expanded to include a new concept, Desk Booking. Desk Booking enables quick and easy workplace bookings in two different ways. For one, via quick reservation, and for another, via a booking wizard in which various settings can be made, such as the equipment of the workstation and favored zones. Furthermore, Desk Booking includes an assistance function, where workstations can be booked on behalf of another person. Current and future workstation bookings appear on the Workplace Experience app’s home screen.

Featured Image Workplace

infsoft Workplace Experience

Featured Image Wayfinding

infsoft Wayfinding

Featured Image infsoft Occupancy

infsoft Occupancy

featured image infsoft room environment

infsoft Room Environment

Featured Image Room Signage

infsoft Room Signage

Featured Image Lead Time Tracking

infsoft Lead Time Tracking

featured image infsoft People Tracking

infsoft People Tracking

featured image infsoft MedEquip Tracking

infsoft MedEquip Tracking


Infsoft Locator Beacon 700
infsoft Locator Beacon

The new infsoft Locator Beacon is characterized by combining two positioning technologies. It incorporates Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra-wideband and allows server-based as well as client-based positioning below 30 centimeters.

The development of our AI Occupancy Sensor will be completed by the end of this year. The AI Occupancy Sensor can be used for occupancy tracking, people counting, and intelligent object recognition. The battery-powered sensors can be managed conveniently via infsoft Locator Nodes or Cisco Access Points.

With the infsoft Docker Image and the Locator Dongle extension, Cisco access points can now be used as gateways for IPS solutions. The full functionality of the Locator Node firmware is available for the Catalyst 9100 series (or newer). It allows connecting additional infrastructure hardware like infsoft Locator Beacons, E-Ink Display Beacons, and Sensor Tags to existing Cisco Access Points. This results in significant savings by eliminating other hardware and cabling requirements.

Cisco Access Point mit infsoft USB Dongle
Cisco Access Point with Locator Dongle

Use Cases

This year we have also updated you with some exciting use cases about the application of our products and technologies. Below you can find a collection of use cases on a wide range of topics and industries.

This is what awaits us in 2023!

After finalizing our AI Occupancy Sensor, you can expect exciting application scenarios and further technical details in this regard in the coming year.

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