Location-Based Services and Indoor Navigation in Airports

Learn more about location-based services and indoor navigation in airports – solutions by infsoft.

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When people want to go on holiday by plane most of them are both full of anticipation and tension. Business travelers want to keep the waiting times to a minimum and make good use of it. As an airport operator it is your goal to offer passengers a trouble-free and comfortable stay. Shops and restaurants wish for passengers who have enough free time to consume.


People who travel infrequently may need support in complex infrastructures like airports. Starting your holidays relaxed is not so easy when you are confronted with unknown surroundings, tricky routing and foreign languages on your journey. Especially people with reduced mobility may have specific requirements.

This is where the benefits of indoor navigation become apparent. It shows the exact routing from car park or railway station to the terminal. It is even possible to implement intermodal door to door navigation. When passengers cover the distance quickly, there still remains enough time to discover shops or take a break in a restaurant. Merchants can push tailored advertising directly to the smartphone and offer a lot of added value for the customer. For example it could be a coupon or a custom-fit offer. Back from the journey, the airport app helps passengers to find back to their car or public transportation.

Business travelers have all information concerning their flight and their boarding pass in their pocket and can quickly find a place to work and relax.


Merchants can push custom-fit offers directly to the smartphone of interested clients: For example those who have already visited this or similar shops. And for sure everyone is delighted by a discount of his favorite shop. In addition you learn a lot about visitor flows in or nearby the store. Large shops can also use the technique for asset tracking, for example in order to improve theft protection or logistics.


The advantages for merchants and passengers listed above improve customer satisfaction. Using Indoor Location Analytics you can even get detailed information about the stream of visitors. These data can be used as a substantial argument when leasing floor space. It can also help your security staff: As soon as somebody enters a restricted area or when certain areas are overcrowded action items can be triggered.

You can find more information and a case study about airport navigation by infsoft on our website.

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