Occupancy Analytics – Linking Technology and Application

Learn more about incorporating occupancy analytics into user applications.

Auslastungsanalysen - Verknüpfung von Technologie und Anwendung

This article deals with utilizing data and how it can be made available to different stakeholders, tailored to their individual needs. For more information about the basics of Occupancy Analytics and the products infsoft Occupancy and infsoft Workplace Experience, please visit the blog post Occupancy Analytics in Offices.

Analysis Functions of infsoft Occupancy

Space utilization measurement is carried out using battery-powered Bluetooth Low Energy sensors that are easy to install and maintain. infsoft Occupancy is based on the infsoft Analytics software tool and visualizes the information collected in easy-to-navigate dashboards.

Advantages of infsoft Occupancy


easy installation and maintenance

long-time battery operation

time-delayed or
in real-time

More Information

featured image infsoft analytics

Occupancy Analytics

Featured Image infsoft Occupancy

infsoft Occupancy

Workplace Experience App

infsoft’s Workplace Experience App offers various solutions and applications in intelligent offices and buildings. By intelligently linking a wide range of functions, employees can enjoy a more efficient and productive workday, which positively impacts employee satisfaction, among other things. This reflects on the potentials, costs, and processes from the company’s point of view. Via interfaces, it is also possible to integrate existing solutions, such as service ticketing, menu plans, or locker systems, which create further added value.

Impressions of the Workplace Experience App

infsoft Workplace Experience App: Home Screen
Home Screen
infsoft Workplace Experience App: Calendar Overview
Calendar Overview
infsoft Workplace Experience App: Navigation
Occupancy Status
infsoft Workplace Experience App: Occupied Meeting Room
Detailed Information

More Information

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infsoft Workplace Experience

Use of Utilization Data in Different Applications

Below are some examples of how infsoft Occupancy can be linked to user-centric applications.

Floor Occupancy in Offices

The data gained on space utilization is not only available to the company’s space management for evaluation and optimization purposes. Via an employee app, workers receive profile-specific information on available desks, room resources, and the current utilization of the building level. Historical occupancy data is also available; employees can book their workplaces and meeting rooms.

infsoft Workplace Experience App Screenshot
Building Utilization Overview
infsoft Auslastungsanalysen Office
Occupancy per Floor

Current Capacity Utilization of the Cafeteria

In addition to insight into the current menu in cafeterias, the Workplace Experience app, in combination with infsoft Occupancy, offers the possibility to display the current occupancy of the canteen. Predictions for values in the future, as well as past values, are also presented.

infsoft Restaurant Occupancy
Canteen Occupancy
infsoft Canteen Occupancy
Canteen Occupancy per Area

Airport Security Checks

It is not unusual for queues of people to form in front of security checkpoints at airports. Especially when time is short, such situations can have annoying consequences. In an airport app, passengers can get an overview of the open security checkpoints, passenger volumes, and current waiting times. The app can navigate to the desired area quickly and easily with the help of infsoft Wayfinding.

infsoft Occupancy Airport
Occupancy Visualization at Security Checks

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about incorporating occupancy analytics into your user applications.

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