The Benefits of Indoor Tracking for the Automotive Industry

Real-time tracking – a special form of automation – is of central importance for the automotive sector.

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The digital transformation is revolutionizing many industrial sectors. In the automotive sector, digitization is progressing particularly fast. The use of modern IT technologies is now widespread in this industry – mainly due to the high-quality standards demanded in the production cycle. Real-time tracking is one such technology: this special form of automation is of central importance for the automotive sector. Increased efficiency of operating and production processes as well as improved cost control are among the positive effects of a real-time tracking system.

Positioning technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)RFID or Ultra-wideband (UWB) can be used for optimized production and logistics control. Tracking systems provide consistent information about the material flow processes. These can be designed transparently from procurement through production to distribution logistics and can thus be optimally controlled. The main areas of application for tracking solutions are inbound and outbound goods control, order monitoring, inventory and data management. Goods can be identified and tracked fully automated along the entire supply chain. For example, material containers can be recorded according to number, location, time and load. Recall actions, the supply of assembly workstations or the monitoring of maintenance intervals can be simplified and optimized.

Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) offer decisive benefits not only for automotive manufacturing, but also for car dealerships and service centers. For example, the status of a vehicle can be tracked within the repair or maintenance process. As a result of the more efficient organization of internal processes, the customer experience can be significantly improved.

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An application example for process optimization in automotive manufacturing based on Ultra-wideband can be found here.

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