Indoor Navigation and Tracking of Changing Workplaces

An employee app for companies provides an overview of the current occupancy of workstations and meeting rooms. With their help, the app user can be navigated to the free change workstations, which also simplifies workflows. The detection of recorded workstations and surfaces is based on infsoft Locator Nodes.


server-based solution:
  • overview of office space utilization
client-based solution:
  • real-time information on office utilization
  • indoor navigation within the office building
  • guidance to office space with sufficient seating capacity
  • Meeting Room Finder with interface to booking system


There are more and more interchangeable workplaces in large office buildings. As a result, employees are busy finding jobs and communication zones.


infsoft Locator Nodes measure the utilization of individual areas and make the data available to the infsoft LocAware platform®. An employee app gets access to the workload data, which gives employees an overview of available workstations and meeting rooms at all levels.

Available meeting rooms for ad hoc meetings that are not managed via a central room booking tool can be identified by the application, as can regular meeting rooms. Should a booked room become available prematurely, the LocAware platform® can restore the status change to the room booking tool.


infsoft isometric shared workplace EN
3D Infographic: Indoor Navigation and Tracking of Shared Workplaces

infsoft Locator Nodes will be installed throughout the office building and mobile devices such as laptops will be equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. The BLE beacons send signals which are received by the infsoft Locator Nodes and forwarded to the infsoft LocAware platform®. The utilization data of the respective areas can be determined on the server. A browser application gives the company access to the data. In addition, historical data can be called up, evaluated and compared with the real-time data at any time using the infsoft Analytics Tool.

Alternatively, the capacity measurement can also use Wi-Fi. All you need to do is connect your mobile devices to the Wi-Fi. If these are connected, the latency times are significantly lower as long as traffic is generated via the network. In addition, MAC randomization does not take place, which means that the number of devices on the individual office spaces can be clearly recorded.

The recorded workload data can then be prepared in an app for the employees. The employee receives real-time information about the utilization of the previously selected office rooms with an indication of which areas are currently least frequented and where free conference rooms can be found.

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