Indoor Tracking of Visitor Flows in Factory Sites

The use of indoor tracking prevents unauthorized access to restricted areas.


  • 2D/3D building maps
  • monitoring visitor flows through ID cards
  • people tracking within the building
  • geo-based access restrictions


There are always groups of visitors on a large and sometimes confusing company site, such as a laboratory. It is possible that an unauthorized person may enter an area not intended for him/her.


infsoft implements a person tracking system that can display the position and properties of visitors in a web interface at any time. A database lists all important information about the person.

Virtual borders are created by means of geofencing. If an unauthorized person crosses the border, an alarm is triggered. In addition, user-specific areas can be protected by individual access rights.


Indoor Tracking of Visitor Flows
use case by infsoft: Indoor Tracking of Visitor Flows

infsoft Locator Nodes are installed throughout the building. In addition, every person entering the grounds will be equipped with a BLE beacon integrated in a visitor pass. The BLE beacon send signals (ID, RSSI, timestamp) which are received by the infsoft Locator Nodes and forwarded to a server. The position of the respective beacon can then be determined on the server.

All collected data is linked in real time and can be evaluated at any time in the form of graphs and diagrams via infsoft’s Analytics Engine.

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