Mobile App and Navigation for Company Premises

An app for employees and job candidates helps them to find their way around a company site more easily.


  • navigation on the company premises
  • automatic display of alternative routes
  • personal login and personalized push messages


On large company premises, paths are often temporarily blocked by construction sites or other causes. Finding a suitable alternative route is not always easy. Also, job candidates, who are on the company premises for the first time, are faced with the challenge of reaching the location of their job interview on time in an already stressful situation.


With a smartphone app, employees can navigate to relevant destinations on the company premises. Their current location and the suggested route can be viewed on a digital map. If there is a construction site or other type of obstruction on the way, an alternative route is automatically displayed. If desired, navigation can be continued seamlessly indoors.

Furthermore, the app can include a personal login for employees and applicants. Especially for the latter, such an app offers great advantages. If an applicant approaches his or her destination, he or she will automatically receive a welcome message with all important information about the appointment. The message may contain the exact location of the interview, contact persons and additional useful information.


infsoft isometric Mobile App and Navigation Company Premises EN
3D Infographic: Mobile App and Navigation for Company Premises

The positioning in the outdoor area is determined via GPS. In a smartphone app, employees and applicants can see their location on a digital map. Relevant points of interest on the site are also displayed and can be selected as navigation destinations.

Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are attached at the entrances to the buildings. These beacons regularly send out signals that are received by smartphones. In the infsoft Automation Engine, triggers, such as the recognition of a specific beacon, and actions are defined. This way, for example, automatic push notifications can be sent to the app user.

As soon as a beacon is detected by the smartphone app, it also automatically switches from GPS navigation to beacon navigation and navigation can be seamlessly continued indoors.

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