Indoor Tracking of People and Objects – This Is How It Works

Indoor tracking of people and objects – this is how it works. Find out more about infsoft’s indoor tracking solutions.

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Indoor tracking solutions, Indoor location tracking and indoor positioning of people and objects are getting more relevant for companies from various industries. There are two ways to realize it: client based and server based tracking. Learn more about the differences and which method is suitable for your use case.


Client based tracking means that the position of a person is detected on a mobile device (mostly a smartphone). An app calculates the position based on beacons or WiFi access points distributed in the room – the latter doesn’t work with iOS devices.

When applying server based tracking, the people and objects you want to track are equipped with a Beacon (BLE) or a smartphone. This transmitter sends out its ID via Bluetooth Low Energy to small receivers which are distributed in the room. infsoft develops so-called “Locator Nodes”. They only have to be connected to the power supply and one of them needs internet connection. The detected IDs and field strengths are transmitted to a cloud server where they are converted into geographic coordinates. A user friendly web interface displays the devices in a digital map. It is also possible to process the data with other infsoft systems, for example in order to create anonymized motion profiles or heat maps.

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Client based tracking is good if you want a back channel over which you can send coupons or information. The requirement is that all people who should be tracked have an up-to-date smartphone.

Server based tracking is perfect for asset tracking. For example if you want to determine the position of goods and equipment. Geofencing can be used for theft protection. For server based tracking of people smartphone and app are not necessary. A discreet and cheap beacon in the jacket pocket combined with locator nodes is enough for positioning. Beacons can also help to find people inside a building in case of emergency. To make sure employees always have the receiver with them, it can be integrated into an ISO card.

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